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Zodiac Chart

Classes for Beginners (Astro101) are offered 2x a year. January and September. 

Intermediate Astrology starts every January. 

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I offer a variety of courses on Astrology, Astrological Magic, Shadow Work and Magick for Solitary Witches from time to time. Most courses are self-paced. 

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I currently offer 90-minute readings for those who have not worked with me before or want their birth chart read. And, 60-minute readings for anyone wanting additional guidance.

About Me


I'm Yolanda Bella and I'm an astrologer, mage, animist, teacher and writer. The first book that I read from cover to cover that wasn't a collection of fairytales was Love Signs by Linda Goodman. I was 9 or 10 years old at the time. 


I went on to devour all of Linda Goodman's books as well as books by distinguished astrologers like Dane Rudhyar, Demetra George, Stephen Arroyo, Darby Castello and many many more. And, I certified in Western Astrology in the late 90s.


In my twenties I set about learning all I could about religion, spirituality, witchcraft and mythology. 


I majored in Counselling Psychology and Religious Studies and have studied astrology and mysticism with various teachers.  I've been coaching and doing readings for almost 3 decades now. 


My blog weaves together Astrology, Paganism and Psychology.


I am deeply honored that you are here.

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“Astrology is a language if you understand this language, the sky speaks to you.”

Dane Rudhyar

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