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Astrology For Beginners

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I am happy to announce that I am now taking applications for my 2022 Beginners Astrology Class!

Class begins 5 May and ends October, 2022. We will meet twice a month on a Thursday evening (5pm PT) for 6 months.

If you live in either Canada or the USA you are expected to attend the live classes. Applicants in other countries will receive class recordings. 

What you will learn...

Over the course of 6 months you will learn how to read your own birth chart and discover ways to unlock your true potential.

Your birth chart is a map of the heavens at that specific moment in time and it shows both your inner and outer levels of experience.

The basic components of any birth chart are the planets, the signs of the zodiac, the houses and the aspects – together these components form a picture which describes your character and experiences from the most mundane aspects of life to the rich and complex inner world of the psyche.

The curriculum...


  • The signs of the Zodiac, the Planets, the Elements, Modes and Polarities, The Aspects. Astrological reading techniques.


What is expected of you....


  • You will receive homework and you will have to complete a total of 10 assignments within 6 months. If you do not complete these assignments you will not be invited to sit the final exam. 


After successful completion, you will receive a Certificate of Proficiency and will be included in a Graduates page on my website.

Investment: $400

$200 will be due on acceptance, with the remaining balance due a week prior to class start date 5 May. 

Successful applicants will hear from me before the end of March, 2022. Class size is limited to a maximum of 8 students. 

If you are interested please complete this form.

View more student testimonials here.

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