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Image by Nathan Mcgregor


A course on how to harness your magic and power during menopause

Presented by Yolanda McAdam,
Astrologer, Teacher & Witch in service of Nature.

I believe we have been conditioned by patriarchy to think of menopause as a time of depletion and loss. But menopause is in fact a time of initiation into power and sovereignty and there was when women on the menopausal journey were revered as teachers and oracles in their communities. I'm on a mission to restore us to our rightful place as Guardians of the Earth and Oracles of the Divine Feminine. Join me as I  guide you back to Sacred Sovereignty. 

Reclaim Your Crown.
The Spiritual Journey of the Autumn Queen. 

Long long ago, before patriarchy, women were respected and revered as the embodiment of the Great Mother. We lived as cyclical beings and honored Gaia’s seasons and the Moon’s phases. The rhythmic cycles of menstruation, pregnancy and menopause were celebrated as rites of passage. We knew when to plan, sow, harvest and retreat in harmony with cosmic and bodily cycles. This was a Lunar era where the Moon dominated and the primary mythology focused on a cyclical process of birth, death and regeneration. During this era, human beings knew themselves to be part of an ensouled cosmos and participated with Nature. The needs of the collective were prioritized over the needs of the individual. Time was cyclical which aided in the development of an imaginal and relational way of thinking. 


But then we entered what philosopher Owen Barfield calls a Phase of Separation. Our conscious mind came to look at Nature as something other and separate from ourselves and we moved from a lunar era into a solar era. The Sun became the new focus of consciousness and we began to think in terms of division and separateness. Light vs Dark, Good vs Evil, Me vs We and this new way of thinking and of being in the world led to inner and outer conflict. 

Man engaged in battles to conquer, subdue and control Nature and we lost the participatory consciousness of the lunar era. We no longer turned to the shaman who ventured into the Upper and Under worlds or the wise woman but to the priests and leaders who worshiped a father god who was above and far removed from Nature.

In this course we focus on menopause as a powerful and transformative rite of passage. 

About menopause...

Menopause is a biological passage that usually spans from ages thirty-seven to our mid-fifties but this does not apply to everyone. As a woman moves through the physical, psychological, social and spiritual aspects of this transition, dramatic shifts occur. You may feel a transformation of self and become aware of a new state of being and moving through the world. 

It is a powerful period where you are no longer confined by the culture’s definition of what it means to be a woman and you are no longer perceived primarily as a sexual object and breeder but as a human being.

Who is this course for? 

This is for you if ...

  • you sense there is more to menopause than physical changes.

  • you want a proven framework that can help you step into your power and sovereignty.

  • you are ready to claim your spiritual gifts.

This course is an initiation into your feminine power. 

What this course is not...

This is not a course on how to manage physical challenges or treat symptoms. Menopause is not a disease. The course is a tool for personal growth with a special focus on uncovering creative and spiritual gifts.

I invite you to join me on a 4-week journey of transformation that culminates in your own coronation as Sovereign. 

Course Outline

Start date LATE AUTUMN 2023.

This course is made up of 4 modules delivered over the course of 4 weeks. 

Module I: History (A brief history of menopause)

Module II: The Seasons of Life

Module III: The Elements as Sacred Allies

Module IV: Spiritual Gifts as Offerings to the World. Identifying your unique spiritual gifts and how to develop them and use them in service of the world. 

In addition, there will be one live session via Zoom for those who want to share experiences and discuss course material. 

Image by Nathan Mcgregor
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