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Jupiter Cazimi
*Good luck *Prosperity *Career Success *Compassion *Wisdom

On March 5th, at 6:41am soy wax, Jupiter-ruled crystals and olive oil infused with Jupiter-ruled herbs including holy basil were ritually consecrated to the Great Benefic Jupiter.


March 5th, was the luckiest day - astrologically speaking - of 2022.  Jupiter was conjunct Sol at 15º Pisces and near the Ascendant also in Pisces. The Moon in the 2nd House was in an applying sextile to Mercury in the 12th House.


This excellent election assists by transforming your relationship with money as well as drawing more money to you. Jupiter Cazimi will assist you in healing (physical, spiritual and psychological ailments), grow in spiritual intelligence and wisdom and increase compassion for self and others.


To give you a sense of what these candle talismans can do for you, I want to share what happened to me while I was product testing. On March 6th, the day after I invoked Jupiter I received news that I had been accepted into a mentorship program that I had applied to in January.  Since the creation of this candle I have traveled more in one year - locally and internationally - than I have in many years.  Other prayers have since also been heard.


All my clients report feeling a strong sense of connection with the Divine (Goddess/Gods/Spirits).  These candles have a brightening effect and invoke  “hippie vibes”. 


The second batch of candles (available 3 November, 2022) have proven to be money magnets and also powerful bridge builders. You will be made aware of your ancestors and their presence and support.  A third batch is scheduled for release in January 2023. 


Jupiter rewards sincere worship of your God/Gods and aligns with Jehovah, Ganesha, Odin, Hera and Zeus (among others) but do remember to make time for Jupiter.


How to use your consecrated candle:


* Light during Jupiter’s hour or any Thursday and/or Sunday. Visit this website for planetary hours.


 Jupiter Cazimi means Jupiter was in the Sun’s throne room and his energy was “purified” and amplified.


* Ask for what you most desire in alignment with what Jupiter in Pisces can provide when lighting these candles. For example: health/wellbeing, greater creativity, wisdom, spiritual knowledge, spiritual teachers/mentors, business growth in metaphysical fields, money or money-making opportunities.


* Light any time you need to feel more peaceful or more aligned with Spirit. 





O Jupiter, planet of complete and noble nature, splendid, honored, appreciated and benign lord*, please help me attain/acquire/achieve………. in a totally satisfying and harmonious way for the highest good of all concerned. So mote it be/So let it be.


Another example….


Help me attract good fortune and win the favour of powerful and influential people so that I may thrive as a ….


It’s a good idea to keep your candle in a special place like an altar that is dedicated to Jupiter. The tarot card associated with Jupiter is the Wheel of Fortune. You can place it on the altar with the candle. This is just a recommendation and not a necessity. 


Sit with your candle for a few minutes and see if you pick up on its energy.  When it’s burning do you feel more peaceful? Do you feel connected to Spirit? Write down your impressions and feelings in a journal.  Keep a record of any interesting developments/emails/ conversations from the day you received your candle. 


I have noticed this candle works well at “getting answers for you” so formulate questions when lighting this candle and see what happens! 


You have to offer something in return to Jupiter so I highly recommend you burn frankincense at least once a month on a Thursday (if you are allergic to strong scents you can offer flowers).  I also like placing a glass of water (sometimes wine/rum) and flowers on my altar.  


May Jupiter, Helper of Humanity, Lover of Wisdom and Victor of Truth support you in your endeavors and bless you in the accumulation of riches! - and may an  extra blessing of love wing its way to you when you share this link >>


Thank you for your support. I appreciate you. 






*Picatrix, pg 162

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"I bought one of Yolanda's Jupiter Cazimi candles when she first released them. Since then this candle has been lit many times in my home along with the instructions that Yolanda provided.  In each instance I feel a deep sense of connection with the Universe. Some days this connection feels personal and other days I feel it with my work. Thank you for creating these candles!"

- Name withheld


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