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2022 Classes

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Apply now for class commencing May 2022.

What people are saying...

Astrology with Yolanda McAdam

I have always been interested in Astrology, but, never knew anyone that was offering a course on it.

I found Yolanda through a mutual friend, and signed up for her course, knowing nothing about her.

This was the best investment I made for me and my journey.

You do not need to have any prior knowledge of Astrology.

Yolanda provides an awesome and easy to understand/read modules, with great interactive activities.

Her classes and teaching techniques are fun, easy to learn and comprehend.  She encourages everyone to participate.

She is very knowledgeable on all things Astrology, stars, planets and houses.

I really like that I could contact Yolanda after classes to assist with any questions.

Her assignments are fun and help you expand on your knowledge and understanding of Astrology.

After completing her Astrology for Beginners course, I feel very confident that I can look at someone’s Natal chart and be able to read it and understand the basics.

I can say this with confidence and the purest conviction, you will not be disappointed if you take a course on Astrology from Yolanda.

I can’t wait for the next level to start.

Gina Auger, Calgary, AB

October 2020

Yolanda is such a wealth of knowledge for anything astrological or the cosmos. I loved how her explanations of the planets and astrological signs became like mythical stories of Gods and Goddesses. This class has given me a better understanding of the planets and just how much their placement and energies affect us and our relationships.

If you are interested in learning about astrology I recommend Yolanda! 

- Patti Sears, Edmonton, AB

My name is Jenn and I first met Yolanda in a full moon yoga retreat. Her bright energy, amazing knowledge and ease at explanation made me want to know more! I joined her Facebook, Instagram and subscribed to her Newsletter. I also received a Chart Reading that was spot on and full of so much useful information!! I had to learn more! So I have joined Beginner Astrology.


I have learned so much about Astrology, myself and my family members. Yolanda let's you learn at your own pace, but with full support from her and your classmates. The Zoom classes make it a safe environment and are easy to join.


I cannot recommend Yolanda and her classes enough. She is full of Astro-wisdom that she loves to share and makes it fun to learn. Do yourself a favor, follow her on Social Media and take the leap into Astrology. 

- Jenn McCauley, Edmonton, AB

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