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As a cosmic witch, I work closely with the planetary energies in assisting you find and live your bliss. I am descended from a long line of Portuguese and Brazilian magicians and healers and their teachings continue to guide and inform my praxis. I am happy to announce that after two years of deep soul work, I have been guided to offer my first healing one-on-one session.

Drawing Down The Sun

We are so divorced from Nature that most of us forget that the Sun sustains all life on Earth. The Sun, Lord of Light, Agile and Vital, Generous and Noble, supports us and makes life bearable and sweet.


Nothing exists without the Sun whom the Supreme Creator placed in our corner of space to act as Regent.


The Sun is King.


And like any good king bestows favour upon those who recognize and honour him.


Our ancestors honored the Sun not only on Sun Days but every day. In Mesoamerica, civilizations like the Olmec, Maya and Aztecs would wake up before dawn to pray to the Sun, burn copal and give offerings of flowers and corn. Their days revolved around the Sun and Moon and trumpets would blow at daily transit points: Pre-dawn, Dawn, Noon, Sunset and Midnight.  What is less known is that the Egyptians and Celts had similar daily rites. 


In soul therapy, which is the healing of our shattered or lost souls primarily through dreamwork and sacred rites, we work with the Sun to restore or “call back” pieces of our soul, grow in confidence and increase self-love.


I am happy to announce that I am now offering one-on-one Drawing Down The Sun sessions. I have been quietly doing this work in the background for the last two years and have finally been guided to make this public. 


While these sessions are for you if traumatic experiences have left you feeling “empty”, “blocked” or lost, Drawing Down The Sun sessions are for anyone who struggles with depression, mood swings and lack of motivation. If you can’t remember the last time you laughed or felt light-hearted and joy-full, book a session today. 


You will be given sacred rites to perform at certain times of the day that will address your specific needs. Each session consists of breathwork, journey work and soul retrieval practices. 

You will have to commit to a minimum of 3 sessions in order to benefit from this work.  You can choose to pay per session or in full, upfront.


My work compliments modern psychological approaches but is not an alternative to therapy. 


If you feel called to recapture and practice ancient approaches to healing, I invite you to schedule your first Drawing Down The Sun session. 

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