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After two years of creating talismans and ritually consecrated materia and selling them exclusively to a small group of friends and clients, I am ready to share these creations with the wider public.

A talisman is an object with magical properties and while most people associate talismans with rings and pendants, a talisman can be made of anything. All my talismans are created during favourable astrological elections and are ritually imbued. In other words, I perform rituals for the creation of my talismans. I work primarily with the Greater Benefic, the planet Jupiter, and the fixed stars, Deneb Algedi, and Spica. 

At this time I only produce talismanic oils and ritually consecrated candles. These have proven most effective in helping me and my clients.

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On March 5th, at 6:41am soy wax, Jupiter-ruled crystals and olive oil infused with holy basil and other money-drawing herbs were consecrated to the Great Benefic, Jupiter.


March 5th, was the luckiest day - astrologically speaking - of 2022.  Jupiter was conjunct Sol at 15º Pisces and near the Ascendant also in Pisces. The Moon in the 2nd House was in an applying sextile to Mercury in the 12th House.


This excellent election assists by transforming your relationship with money as well as drawing more money to you. Jupiter Cazimi will assist you in healing (physical, spiritual and psychological ailments), grow in spiritual intelligence and wisdom and increase compassion for self and others.


"I bought one of Yolanda's Jupiter Cazimi candles when she first released them. Since then this candle has been lit many times in my home along with the instructions that Yolanda provided.  In each instance I feel a deep sense of connection with the Universe. Some days this connection feels personal and other days I feel it with my work. Thank you for creating these candles!"

- Name withheld

"I got small unexpected winnings in lottery $20 a few times a few $22, surprises from neighbors, unexpected help"

- K. S.

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