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In Jungian Psychology, the Shadow is the dumping ground for the parts of ourselves that we hide and ignore, usually on an unconscious level. It is made up of desires and urges that we’ve been conditioned to believe are unacceptable or negative by our culture and caregivers.


The Shadow may include our anger, envy, insecurity and pride but it is also home to valuable parts that we’re either unaware of or we’re keeping hidden because we believe these characteristics are undesirable.  


The Shadow-making process begins in childhood which is when we are taught to separate and sort actions, people, things and events into groups. Good vs Bad. Right vs Wrong. We are made to believe that we are either good or bad and there’s no in-between. 


As the popular legend that is attributed to the Cherokee or Lenape people tells us, within us reside two wolves. One is good and one is bad and whether we admit it or not most of us feed these two wolves daily. 


The bad wolf is fed every time we inflict pain on others. Think of how often you criticize, disregard, disrespect and snub those around you. 


We spend most of our lives finding our way back to wholeness. We are born whole but by the time we reach adulthood, around the age of 29, we are a puzzle of split pieces that needs to be put together again. We allow others to tell us where our pieces should go out of fear and a deep need for belonging. The psychological and spiritual journey of life is regaining that sense of wholeness that we were born with.  How do we achieve this sense of wholeness again? Through conscious intention and a willingness to do the work of reclaiming our hidden gold. 


The world’s spiritual traditions tell us about this lost wholeness. The Garden of Eden, based on an earlier Persian version, is a place of wholeness and perfection. Adam and Eve are content in Paradise. All their needs are met but the one prohibition that they must not eat from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil proves too tempting and so when they eat the fruit they awaken to a world of opposites. 


This from a psychological point of view is the birth of ego and personality formation. We all have an unconscious memory of this sense of wholeness and we all want to get back to it. Of course, we can’t “work backwards” to achieve wholeness. We have to move forward. 


In this course, you will find your way back to wholeness with the help of your birth chart. You do not need to know any astrology to benefit from this course but I will require your birth details as we will work with the clues hidden in your birth chart.



Course Outline:


4 lessons and a recording will be delivered via email over 5 weeks. 

Lesson 1:  Understanding the Shadow 

30 min recorded reading of your 8th and 12th Houses will be emailed to you in Week 2. 

Lesson 2:  Unmasking Your Dragons 

Lesson 3:  Loving Yourself 

Lesson 4:  The Way Forward 

Investment: $99.

Space is STRICTLY limited to a total number of 8 brave participants who are seeking wholeness and are ready to tap the hidden gold within. Before you get to the light you will be travelling through dark spaces. While this course is NOT a substitute for therapy this is not for you if you are not ready to dig deep and bring to light the emotions and personality traits you have suppressed out of fear.  


***Interested in doing this course but have questions? You can book a 15 minute complimentary call with me here or send me an email. 

*Disclaimer: This course is not meant to be a replacement for therapy.

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