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There exists an intricate interrelationship between the Creator, archangels, angels, spirits, the sphere of fixed stars, the planetary spheres and us, humans, and the plants, animals etc here on Earth. The focus of this course is on developing relationships with the seven traditional planets: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn


Designed with the beginner in mind this course is for anyone,

  • Who identifies as an animist or is interested in animism which is the belief that everything is alive and conscious and/or, 

  • is interested in planetary magick (also known as astrological magic)

"We are children of earth and starry heaven."


Just as there are innumerable ways to start a relationship with another person, there are many ways to approach the planets.  In this course I share traditional methods of approach as well as my own personal practice so you can develop your own special relationship with the planets. 


You will receive a total of 7 emails (1 email per week over 7 weeks) in which you will learn more about the nature of each planet and how you can approach them and when.


Week 1 for example is all about the Sun. Week 2 is about the Moon and so on. 


You’ll learn how to start and maintain a devotional practice that will enrich your life on every level. 

This is an email course that also includes 2 live chats via Zoom. These chats are optional but highly recommended. 


I look forward to welcoming you to this course! 



When you enroll you will receive a welcome email with further info on course delivery and the live chats.  


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