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2020 - The Year Ahead

sun sign horoscopes for 2020 #astrology #sunsign

There is a lot happening in 2020. So much so that I have not listed every important transit, including retrogrades (there are many) because each transit deserves its own blog post. I have decided instead to focus on the potent Saturn and Pluto conjunction (January 11, 11:30 am MST / January 12 in other parts of the world) and the lunar eclipse in Cancer January 10.

The heavy Saturn and Pluto conjunction will set the tone for the year.

If I had to choose one word to describe this conjunction it would be DILIGENCE.

Diligence is defined as “careful and persistent effort or work”. To benefit from 2020’s cosmic energy you are being asked to apply yourself and to commit in earnest to your work.

Another definition of diligence is to “pay close attention to”. Pay close attention to your thoughts and feelings. Give as much attention to the “inner work” of self-development as you do to the outer work (the work you share with others).

This conjunction also speaks of walls. Literal walls that separate nations as well as psychological and emotional walls.

Consider the walls you have built around yourself to protect yourself - yes - but also to keep others out. If you do the work, the Divine is asking you to do this year, you will take a closer look at these barriers. When did you raise them? Why? Are they still necessary? What needs to happen for you to bring them down?

It’s not a coincidence that Pluto and Saturn meet at 22 degrees in Capricorn in January. The numbers 2, 22 and 4 (2+2) are spotlighted this coming year. 2020 is a master number (22). It is the number of The Master Builder - someone who is able to make their dream a reality. 2 is the number of intimacy and diplomacy and 4 is the number of the material world and practical concerns. The cosmic invitation is unsexy yes, but bold:

Build something big.

You are also being asked to work on the ways you relate to others. Possessive, manipulating and controlling behavior needs to be addressed. Eliminate vindictiveness and resentment. You do this by paying close attention and if you are open to it, therapy or attending support groups.

With regard to relationships and partnerships, anything built on a fault line this year will collapse. This is a year of earthquakes. Metaphorical and real. If you want to save a relationship, see a counselor or therapist. Then, commit to the work. Commit to your relationship. But stay awake and open to your best life. See things for what they are.

You can’t beat a dead horse.

You will be richly rewarded for the effort you put into getting to know yourself and others better.

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