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Aries Eclipse

We are not very good at knowing what we want. This is because most of us weren’t told it’s ok to desire. If we expressed a desire to want more or something better than what we had we were either reminded of our privilege and/or reprimanded for being greedy.

Some part of you still believes that it’s not ok to want that extra slice of cake thanks to your parents and teachers.

The scripts running in your head look something like this:

I should be grateful for ________ even though I know better and want something else.

On April 19th at 9:12pm PT there is a rare hybrid eclipse in Aries.

A hybrid solar eclipse is a rare type of solar eclipse that changes from annular to total and vice versa along its path. It occurs when the apparent size of the Moon closely matches that of the Sun as seen from the Earth. - Starwalk

Eclipses realign us with what we truly want in the area indicated by the sign in which the eclipse happens. This week’s eclipse is in Aries but two signs are activated, Aries and Taurus. Eclipses are not for conscious workings. In other words, this is not the week for intention-setting or spellwork. Eclipses are the magic.

Aries knows what it wants. It knows its own mind. Aries is the individual and this eclipse is going to make your mind up for you so you can be your own person.

A word that comes up often with eclipses is “crisis”. Crisis presents us with uncertainty and surprising changes to call forward our personal and collective mettle. A crisis reveals where we have been out of integrity and holding onto false assumptions, the wrong-for-us people and untenable situations. A crisis asks for decisive action. Inevitably this results in breakups and disputes.

Eclipse energy hits days before the actual eclipse. All of my readings this past week revealed how the eclipse is already clearing the path for authentic desire. For example, a client realized she has romantic feelings for her best friend and it has triggered an identity crisis. The Universe is showing her what she really wants.

To understand how this eclipse will affect you, look at both your Aries and Taurus house and consider the question: What do I really want? If Aries is your 8H, it may be that what you truly want is greater intimacy and the Aries eclipse ends a current relationship (Taurus 7H, Aries 8H).

This lunation is conjunct the North Node and Jupiter, sextile Saturn and square Pluto. Mercury is conjunct Uranus and sextile Mars and Venus squares Saturn. Mars squares Chiron. Mars rules this event and while Mars is in his fall in Cancer Jupiter’s conjunction to the New Moon and the fact that Jupiter is exalted in Cancer will help ameliorate this eclipse’s effects.

There is intense pressure on Pluto during this eclipse and Pluto governs power so on a mundane/global level I foresee coups and more nations rearming themselves or optimizing their defense operations with AI and other new tech like drones (Aquarius). I expect China is going to be in the headlines for all the wrong reasons.

On a personal level, we are all going to learn something about power and how we have been giving away our power.

You will feel the effects of this eclipse if you have any planets or angles (Ascendant, Midheaven, DC, IC) at 29º degrees or within a 5º orb. Your Aries AND Taurus house will describe the areas impacted by this eclipse.

If your birthday falls in the second half of April, second half of July, second half of October and the second half of December or you have angles falling in the last 5 degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn or the beginning degrees of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius you are going to feel the effects of this eclipse.

A quick overview of how this eclipse will impact you according to your rising sign:

Aries Rising

Appearance, Self-image, Self-expression

Taurus Rising

Secret dreams, Spiritual connections (ancestors, guides), your spiritual legacy

Gemini Rising

Social causes, friendships

Cancer Rising

Career and reputation

Leo Rising

Higher education, travel, your beliefs and personal philosophy

Virgo Rising

Mental health, intimacy, death, taxes, debts, inheritance

Libra Rising

Partnerships (romantic and business)

Scorpio Rising

Daily routines, health and wellness

Sagittarius Rising

Creativity, fun and children

Capricorn Rising

Home, parents, cultural heritage

Aquarius Rising

Communication, siblings, cousins, community

Pisces Rising

Self-worth, income




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