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Astro-Weather 26 September-2 October

Mercury Rx is conjoined Venus in Virgo (exact 12pm PT) trine Pluto in Capricorn and the Sun in Libra is opposite Jupiter in Aries.

If you’ve read all my posts on social media over the last few weeks there’s going to be some repetition here because the message prevails: slow down and don’t be tempted to rush, like the wannabe hero (Jupiter in Aries) into anything that you have not had a chance to properly consider….

There’s always a lot of talk around this time when the Moon is New in Libra, about balance and setting intentions around attaining a sense of equilibrium and while this is good advice, I’d like to flesh this out a little more because Librans appreciate additional details :)

Libra wants to unite or bring people and things into partnership so around this time of the year, we are required to look at where there is disagreement or rupture and find common ground. We can look at this from the broadest terms; political and environmental issues to how we favor parts of our body and aspects of our personality and character over others.

If you have neglected something or someone, you are going to know all about it this week.

Libra follows Virgo on the zodiacal wheel which means Librans know how to create order from chaos. So don’t be surprised if you find yourself motivated to get things in order which includes drawing up contracts and “making things official''. In traditional astrology, Saturn is said to be in their joy in Libra.

Remember that Mercury is retrograde until October 2nd, so go ahead and make your plans and draft contracts etc but don’t sign anything important or binding at this time.

There is only one planet in water - Neptune in Pisces. Be gentle and tactful in your communications this week. Focus on the positive as much as possible if you have to give feedback for example. We are all feeling a little tender at this time.

Today’s Mercury-Venus conjunction in Virgo assists in gathering helpful information. Answers to problems lie in the past and if you go digging - I'm literally seeing people rummaging through attics - you will find what you're seeking. I’m thinking this conjunction is especially helpful in situations where you need to review receipts.

Money and budgeting skills will be topics of major discussion at this time (Venus trine Pluto). If you haven’t drawn up a budget yet, this is a good week to do so. I’m also liking Wednesday’s Mars trine Saturn for decisive and disciplined action.

Venus enters Libra on the 29th, where she is at home. We find nectar for the soul in beautiful spaces and in the company of graceful and charming people. Careful not to overspend on cosmetics, clothes and beauty-enhancing procedures!




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