• Yolanda McAdam

Astrology For The Month Ahead: August 2019

Updated: Aug 2, 2019

Leo is the sign associated with passion, flamboyance, creativity and dynamic self-expression. This is because Leo’s ruler is the SUN and when you think of the sun you think of life and the feelings of aliveness and vitality. The sun is life-giving and Leos are good not only at “lighting up a room” but also birthing or “giving life” to ideas and creative projects.

Now, there are Lions and then there are Cats. Some Leos are charming, big-haired lions, others are more like don’t-mess-with-me domestic cats. One can will walk into a room in a red dress like Charlize Theron (a Leo) and hold you captive with her beauty and charm and another can slip in head-to-toe black and walk away with your prized jewels (like Catwoman).

This is to say Leos get what they want.

Some will do it in a loud, look-at-me way and others will do it quietly, behind-the-scenes.

Generally speaking, they're expressive and passionate which is why Leos make great teachers, performers and leaders.