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Astrology For The Month Ahead: August 2019

Updated: Aug 2, 2019

Leo is the sign associated with passion, flamboyance, creativity and dynamic self-expression. This is because Leo’s ruler is the SUN and when you think of the sun you think of life and the feelings of aliveness and vitality. The sun is life-giving and Leos are good not only at “lighting up a room” but also birthing or “giving life” to ideas and creative projects.

Now, there are Lions and then there are Cats. Some Leos are charming, big-haired lions, others are more like don’t-mess-with-me domestic cats. One can will walk into a room in a red dress like Charlize Theron (a Leo) and hold you captive with her beauty and charm and another can slip in head-to-toe black and walk away with your prized jewels (like Catwoman).

This is to say Leos get what they want.

Some will do it in a loud, look-at-me way and others will do it quietly, behind-the-scenes.

Generally speaking, they're expressive and passionate which is why Leos make great teachers, performers and leaders.

Leo rules the heart ❤️(as well as the spine and back) so I want to talk a little about your heart here because there’s a good chance July broke yours or left you feeling tender or a little bruised.

Our hearts break to open. If they didn't break we would never feel more fully. Your heart must break for you to grow.

August is here to help us not only heal our hearts but make more heart-driven choices.

*A quick word about these horoscopes. Read both your Sun Sign and Ascendant if you know it.


Liberation and freedom have been on your mind a lot these past few weeks. You have what it takes to liberate yourself from notions and obligations that no longer align with your values or fill your heart with joy. This need to be free also applies to friendships and groups and associations that you no longer believe in.


How you perceive yourself is not necessarily how others see you. Look at how you are choosing to show up and also if you're active online, think about what you are choosing to reveal about yourself. Consider bringing more value to your relationships and doing more of the things that make you proud.


Something or someone opened your mind up to new ways of seeing the world last month. It could very well be a new spiritual path, a philosophy or even a psychological viewpoint. You would do well to dig deeper this month even if it is challenging everything you thought you once knew or accepted as Truth.


You’re worrying about money and work. The good news is August is going to be transformative and you can expect a financial blessing either in the form of a pay rise or a new client or job opportunity.


I want you to paint a picture or create a vision board that represents where you see yourself this time next year. Then see yourself taking all the necessary steps to achieve that vision. This is your time. No one can stop you.


A relationship (professional or otherwise) has got you thinking you’ve been down this road before, which of course you have. It’s not that you didn’t learn your lesson the last time, it’s that you didn’t get clear on your non-negotiables. This month decide on what you are no longer willing to compromise.


There are times when it’s wiser to be prudent and hold back. This is no such time. Take a leap and follow that dream where it takes you.


What do you want to do with this crazy beautiful life of yours? And, what do you want to be known for? These are the Big Questions you need to think about and answer this month. The answers are likely to surprise you.


A pilgrimage may be on the cards or a short stay in an ashram or monastery. This is a good month to go and seek refuge from all the noise. If you can’t get away, make time for meditation and/or prayer.


Thoughts and issues around sex, death and taxes will come up this month and you'll be open to discussing these and other so-called taboo subjects with the people you care about. Some of you will receive an inheritance while others will be giving serious consideration to what you will leave behind, either way this month will have you thinking deep thoughts.


Relationships take the spotlight this month. This does not necessarily refer to only romantic partnerships although your significant other is going to demand some reassurances from you because your popularity is on the up and up. This is a great month to collaborate with others on projects of all kinds.


You’re sensitive and psychic so you’ll know what I’m talking about when I tell you this is the month you stop pretending. The scales are going to fall from your eyes as the saying goes, and you’re going to see certain people and situations in a fresh new light. The time has come to own your truth.

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