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AstroWeather 1-7 February,2021

We start the week with a Sun square Mars aspect that is best described in one word: tension. You may be feeling threatened or “under attack” and you’re probably taking things personally. Best to give your partner, co-workers etc some space. The Moon in Libra exacerbates feelings of tension and unease, because in Libra she expects a level of mind-reading and consideration that is not available or possible. Pallas trine the North Node, urges us to apply wisdom and to practice restraint this week.

Venus in Aquarius from the 1st attracts and unites with words. You will be inspired and moved by people who are eccentric or original thinkers. In world centric and humanitarian Aquarius, Venus invites us to try out new ways of relating and in the company of Mercury retrograde, rethink both how we approach and nurture relationships. What relational rules do you follow, perhaps unconsciously, that are not supporting your needs? As an example, consider where you are relating at a safe distance because you’ve developed a pattern of protecting yourself from real intimacy. With Venus on her way to meet up with Saturn, relationships are up for review this month.

On the 3rd, the Sun will be at 15° Aquarius, the Astrological Imbolc. Read my post on Imbolc here.

The Moon in Scorpio on the 4th brings emotional release and potential healing. On the 6th, when the Sun conjuncts Saturn you may find yourself taking on extra responsibilities or you may be recognized for an achievement.

On the 7th, Venus squares Uranus. Someone new may enter your life, or a relationship may end suddenly. This aspect speaks of a need for freedom and excitement. Good day to try out something different.




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