• Yolanda McAdam

AstroWeather - Mercury Stations Direct in Cancer and Chiron Retrogrades in Aries

Mercury stations direct today in watery Cancer and while I don’t recommend you rush off to buy that new car tomorrow, I will say that Mercury likes to gift each and every one of us a dazzling truth at this time. This truth will probably be related to your Mother (or an important maternal figure), parenting style, your home/dwelling and place/location.

You may also have been made aware of a barrier to nourishment. A barrier to nourishment stems from a real difficulty accepting your needs. So if you’re in the habit of withholding food, exercise, fun, rest, love and recreation - anything that might make you feel good - then you have a nourishment barrier.

Mercury retrograde asks you to integrate lessons learned at this time.

We can expect conversations and negotiations to resume with less effort and drama but please remain vigilant as Mercury will be in his post-retrograde shadow until July 26th. You can also resume looking for work and you can sign contracts. If you absolutely must launch a product or service you can do so now, although with Jupiter Retrograde it’s best to keep expectations to a minimum.