• Yolanda McAdam

AstroWeather (Retrograde planets and more)

planets in retrograde #astrology

Spiritual teachers will tell you that when you do good you get back ninefold or tenfold what you give so it’s interesting to note that Jupiter, associated with benevolence, emits nine times the radiation it receives from the Sun. Jupiter stationed retrograde last week (May 14th) and while Jupiter’s retrograde periods are not as intense as those of the personal planets (Mercury, Venus and Mars) because he is further away from the Earth, you can be sure that The Teacher is coming back to check on our growth. Jupiter is interested in expansion and growth, particularly within society.

In other words, Jupiter doesn’t ask you to work on improving yourself for your own sake (that’s the Sun and Moon), but to do so in order to bless and enrich the lives of others.

In Capricorn, Jupiter has been diligently working behind-the-scenes, with governments and large institutions to implement policies and procedures that protect and help people during this pandemic. Jupiter will be revisiting these policies over the next 4 months. The question that needs answering at this time is how am I being a good steward of my time, skills and knowledge? How can I be of service?

Saturn went retrograde on May 11th and from now until September 29th, Saturn asks that we take a closer look at our responsibilities and revisit our routines and systems. With Venus (love, relationships) and Saturn retrograde, your most important relationships and long-term commitments will come up for review. How committed are you? And what does commitment look and feel like to you?

Cardinal signs: Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn will feel Saturn’s retrograde the most because