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At the Crossroads - A Sun in Libra inspired post

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

Wooded areas offer the clearest delineation between humans and the wild and are where I prefer to walk and while away a few hours whenever the opportunity arises. I went on a walk this morning through one of my favourite wooded parks to say goodbye to the fighters, the stragglers and the late-bloomers; aster, dandelion and yarrow. There’s a good chance they won’t be around the next time I visit because Autumn has officially arrived and snowfall is always a possibility here in the prairies.

Libra season is a time of endings and beginnings. It is a crossroads sign and the wise and wild take their cue from nature. The leaves now in shades of brass and copper ask us to wear our new colours well. Lessons have been learned and we have adjusted and established a new way of being in this uncertain world.

This is the season of balancing out and weighing up. We’re not here to master our lives but to master the day. Physical things and negative thoughts that once cluttered and confused have been released. And, we have learned to slow down for the roses, the falcon circling the field, the nettle tea brewing in the teapot. Sometimes we stop. We stop for long stretches of time because, to paraphrase Dolly Parton, busyness doesn’t make a life.

This season we take inventory and realize that the first diagnostic of a life in serious trouble is a diminishing circle of friends. A true friend is a companion to our vulnerabilities and the merciful witness of our shadow. Our lives are made richer by friends who not only see us and insist we live our truth but accompany us on our journey.

Things to do this Libra Season:

  • Tell your friends how much they mean to you

  • Do something romantic and spontaneous with your significant other

  • Visit an art museum

  • Create art (paint, draw etc)

  • Slow down (waaaaay down)




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