• Yolanda McAdam

Cancer: Creator, Kitchen Witch & Memory Keeper

I remember feeling disappointed when I learned as a child that I was a Sun sign Cancerian.

All the other signs sounded a lot more interesting to me. Aries start fires and build empires, Taurus seduces with home-grown roses and music, Gemini (and Sagittarius) will make you laugh, Libra looks and smells good - all the time, Leo will make you co-ruler of The World, Virgo will analyze you, Pisces will leave poems under your pillow and read your tea leaves, Scorpio are sorcerers, Sagittarius will take you places (metaphorically and literally), Capricorn will buy you expensive gifts - because they can, Aquarius will help you become a better human and Cancer - wait for it - will make sure you’re properly fed and swaddled.

I bet if you’re a Sun sign Cancerian, Cancer Rising or have a small team of planets playing beach volleyball in Cancer you identify with a bunch more archetypes than just The Mother.

Now to be clear I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with being the sign best at nurturing and empathizing but I feel - like those crabs scurrying on the shore - that we're underestimated.