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December - The Month Ahead

Every Winter, the Earth draws back into herself and we are asked to do the same.

In myth, the Babylonian Goddess of love and fertility, Inanna, needed to descend to embrace her shadow. In her journey she had to pass through seven gates and at each gate she had to remove an item of clothing or jewelry. These items represented her power. When at last she stood naked and powerless before her dark sister, Ereshkigal, she was hung on a meat hook and left to die.

Inanna’s descent is reflected in Nature. Symbolically, Winter is the season when we too pass through gates of transition, shedding one by one the things we think sustain us. We look back on the year and reflect on loss. The loss of loved ones. The loss of identity, or a sense of purpose. Until finally we meet up with our dark self - the shadow.

Only when we walk this path can we be born again like the Sun because without descent we get attached to transient things that will never truly sustain us. Descent takes us to the core of our being; to the flame within that will sustain us through all seasons.

During this season of deep reflection, write out the answers to the following questions:

What fell away during Autumn? What was released? What new beliefs or insights ask to be integrated in the stillness of Winter?

Forecast for December

This Saturday, December 3rd, Neptune stations direct in Pisces. This marks a turning point on a collective and personal level. Neptune will be conjunct Jupiter in Pisces. These heavyweights are co-rulers of this oceanic realm. From now until Jupiter moves out of Pisces on December 20th, we have an unobstructed, open channel to the Divine.

Neptune and Jupiter are bearers of spiritual gifts, which include prophecy, psychic abilities and wisdom. Both are also storytellers and dream weavers. I cannot stress enough the importance of affirming your best life from now until the 20th. Yes, you must absolutely continue with affirmations after Jupiter’s departure from Pisces but do work with these powerful planetary beings now.

Align your affirmations with the HOUSE occupied by PISCES in your birth chart for best results.

Read for your RISING sign. Don’t know your RISING sign (Ascendant)? Visit for a free birth chart. Make sure you select WHOLE HOUSES under the HOUSES option.

ARIES, Pisces is your 12H

TAURUS, Pisces is your 11H

GEMINI, Pisces is your 10H

CANCER, Pisces is your 9H

LEO, Pisces is your 8H

VIRGO, Pisces is your 7H

LIBRA, Pisces is your 6H

SCORPIO, Pisces is your 5H

SAGITTARIUS, Pisces is your 4H

CAPRICORN, Pisces is your 3H

AQUARIUS, Pisces is your 2H

PISCES, your 1H

I share affirmations every few days on my Facebook page. You can follow me here.

Mercury will station retrograde on the 29th but they enter their pre-retrograde shadow on December 12th. You don’t need me to tell you what that means but if you are traveling over the holidays I highly recommend having a Plan B. Remember that when Mercury is retrograde you are encouraged to take a social media break and rest your mind. All retrograde planets are actually closer to Earth than at any other time during their cycle so when Mercury is retrograde it’s a good time to revisit writing projects. It is not the time to initiate projects unless you were born during Mercury retrograde but that is a post for another day…

On the 5th, Mercury squares Jupiter, be careful that you don’t overshare.

The upcoming Full Moon in Gemini on the 7th will present a few challenges. The Moon will be in an exact conjunction with retrograde Mars. Let me start with the bad news. If you don’t slow down Mars is going to make his presence known. He will show up as burns, scrapes, inflammation and accidents.

The Moon represents the body in astrology and Mars rules sharp objects. In Mercury-ruled Gemini, this translates to transportation related accidents and injuries.

If you are Gemini Rising or Scorpio Rising I want you to move slowly.

Don’t put yourself in a position where you feel you have to rush to act on something. From now until February 7th, adopt the wondrously slow sloth as your animal guide.

The good news is the Moon will amplify Mars’ drive to get things done. If you’ve been looking for clarity, this Moon will hand you the directions to your goal. Look to the house occupied by Gemini in your birth chart for the themes that will “light up” for you.

There is the strong possibility that conversations next week are going to be punctuated with sarcasm and negativity. However, Mercury rules this lunation and in the sign of the seagoat, Mercury is grounded and focused.

Jupiter enters Aries on the 20th. This is good news for Aries Sun and Rising who will, during Jupiter’s transit, venture beyond their psychological and physical boundaries. For everyone else, Jupiter will bless us all with a sense that all things are possible if we believe in ourselves.

The Sun enters Capricorn on the 21st, marking the Winter solstice, the shortest day of the year and the rebirth of the Sun! This is a powerful day and I will share something with you closer to the day.

Chiron stations direct on the 23rd, the same day as the New Moon in Capricorn, emphasizing the need to retreat and descend into the heart of ourselves. This is the time of the Dark Feminine. The Dark Feminine is fierce, independent and uncompromising. Questions worth reflecting on during this time include:

When and to whom did I give my power? And why?

What wants to be born through me at this time?

Am I compromising too much in relationships? If so, why?




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