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First Quarter Moon In Scorpio

The Moon in Scorpio ♏(August 6/7)

The Moon is in its First Quarter phase which makes today a good day to focus and commit to an idea or a dream.

If you have too many ideas, reflect on your top 3 values (example: Freedom, Creativity, Personal Growth) for a few minutes and decide which idea best aligns with these values and which once fully formed, will allow you to live these values.

If this exercise doesn't work for you, write all your ideas down on a piece of paper and then pull one from a hat! What matters is that you commit to an idea that excites you.

Write down all or most of the steps you need to take in order to actualize this dream. Then take that first step today!

Scorpio is a water sign so you can expect some emotional turbulence over the next 48 hrs. Scorpio relates to the planet Pluto which at it's best is cathartic, regenerating, transforming and renewing (hence the picture of the pregnant woman near water). At it's worst, Scorpio can be vindictive, resentful, power-hungry, suspicious and excessive.

Don't be surprised by stirrings of jealousy, greed or resentment at this time. Resentment and unhappiness generally speaking, stem from expecting too much from others.

It's worth remembering that people not only don't have to be who you want them to be, they also don't have to behave the way you want them to. Often our expectations of how "the world should be" or of others and how they should behave leaves us disappointed or mad. You are here to fulfill your own expectations and not the expectations of others.

On a lighter note the Moon's passage through Scorpio can help you dive into transformational work or bring about more AHA! moments.

If you're an artist or creative entrepreneur, consider visiting themes of Sex, Death and Regeneration.


  • List all your brilliant ideas

  • Commit to at least one idea either today or tomorrow

  • Get started!




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