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Full Moon In Aquarius

Updated: Aug 16, 2019

Tomorrow’s full moon will be in Aquarius (the moon is already there dancing through fields of gold).

In this phase, the moon urges us to celebrate the fullness and abundance of life.

The best way to describe the current influence is to ask you to imagine a wide,flowing river.

You, your family and friends started out as part of this Colorado-like winding river and you've been flowing along, doing what large rivers do... wearing down mountains, snaking through canyons, which by the way is all well and good but then one day you wake up with the thought: this is not for me.

And that one thought leads to more thinking...

I’m tired of just floating along. I want to do my own thing. I want to find a new way to the ocean. I want to change the world!

So you branch out. You start out as a small creek. You see and do things your family and friends would consider “wild” and daring. Not because you’re out to “shock” them but because you crave a new experience, a new way of being.

This is Aquarian energy; innovative, authentic, inventive but also humanitarian.

If you’ve read all my posts so far this month, you will notice there is a theme running through them all... self-love. Sun ( Light) conjunct Venus (Love) in Leo (Heart) this week, emphasizes this and reminds us that we are Loved (yes, capital “L”) and supported by the Divine.

Loving oneself is an act of bravery. It means accepting your soul purpose and finding the courage to use your unique gifts and sharing it with the world.

This is easier said than done, I know. (I'm a Cancer Sun. We're really really good at hiding).

You have to dump a lot of psychic, mental and spiritual baggage. But when you're done with that, a new day will dawn and you will show up as yourself and the people that matter will say “Ah, there you are!” and the people that don’t matter, will fall away.

I promise, you will not die all alone out there in the wilderness. Your tribe will find you and together you will make magic, you will help birth a new world.

Authentic power is the alignment of your personality with your soul. - Gary Zukav


Full Moons are for making room for the new.

  • Clean house!

  • Write a letter to someone who hurt you or made you feel "less than" or unworthy. Read the letter out loud under the light of the full moon, then burn the letter.

  • Gather around a fire with friends or meet a friend and talk about how you can make the world a better place.




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