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Full Moon In Aquarius

August promises to be a dynamic month of breakthroughs and learning. Most of the planetary action this month takes place in the Cardinal signs of Aries, Cancer and Capricorn. These signs (Libra is also a Cardinal sign) are the “movers & shakers” of the zodiac so if your Sun and/or Ascendant are in these signs, you’ll find it easier than the other signs to achieve certain goals this month and to push projects forward.

The Sun is in Leo, the sign of creative self-expression and wholehearted courage and today’s Full Moon is opposite Leo, in airy, people-loving Aquarius (11:58 am ET, 9:58 MT, 8:58 PT). This opposition shines a light on who you are - deep down - and who you become around people you choose to associate with. In other words, this Moon has revealed or will reveal discrepancies, falsehoods and lies. Are you who you say you are? And if birds of a feather flock together what does this say about you?

Let your heart dance to the beat of your own drum.

The Full Moon squares disruptive and innovative Uranus in Taurus. A quick interpretation of this square and the Cosmic invitation for August is disrupt, imagine, innovate, experiment, demonstrate and learn.

But here’s a longer interpretation…

Uranus is Aquarius’ modern ruler (Saturn is the traditional ruler). Aquarius is the sign of the Rebel, the “Weirdo” and the Humanitarian.

Uranus asks that we stretch beyond our self-imposed limitations. For example if you’ve been holding yourself back from trying something because you haven’t felt “enough” (clever enough, good enough, attractive enough…) then Uranus wants you to drop the excuses and give it a go. Uranus rewards experimentation.

Uranus also loves surprises, so expect the unexpected. Uranian surprises are not necessarily bad or good but they are almost always striking (like lightning) so for example you may discover you owe money, or money is owed to you.

Uranus is the archetype of individuality. As ruler of wild and eccentric Aquarius, Uranus expects and rewards courageous self-expression.

This square to Luna, asks us to embrace the person we are becoming by adopting the style, language and look that is more representative of our truest selves. This is a good month to find “our people” and to begin the process of nurturing relationships with people that are more like us. Since a Full Moon always brings a culmination or ending, there is a good chance that a relationship or two have come to a necessary and karmic conclusion or a relationship has evolved into something more permanent.

Full Moon theme: Shed the layers of old conditioning. Change your self-concept (because you can, your identity is not fixed). Embrace your innner-weirdo.

August is a busy month astrologically so I’ll be publishing separate posts about the most important aspects throughout the month.

Full Moonscopes

A Full Moon brings new information, culmination, endings, illumination and deep insight. Below I have listed the areas activated by today’s Full Moon. Please read for your Sun sign and Rising SIgn.


11th House

Groups, Friends, Social Circle


10th House

Career, Reputation


9th House

Higher Education, Travel


8th House

Debts, Investments, Other People’s Money


7th House

Professional & Personal Relationships


6th House

Health, Daily Routine, Job/Work


5th House

Children, Fun, Creative Projects


4th House

Home, Mother, Ancestors/Roots


3rd House

Communication, Siblings, Neighbours