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Full Moon in Aries

Updated: Oct 13, 2019

Today's Full Moon in Aries (13 October) arrives at 3:08 pm (MST) in exact opposition to the Sun in Libra and trine Jupiter in Sagittarius. It also squares Pluto in Capricorn.

The vision I had when I sat down with today's chart was of a woman in a red dress running around from one appointment to another. She was clearly stressed and unhappy but determined to prove she could "do it all" and "be everything to everyone".

The red dress here, of course, is symbolic of Aries energy (Aries is ruled by the red planet, Mars) which is about taking bold and fearless action and all the running around describes the challenging Sun-Moon opposition - self vs soul, conscious vs unconscious.

I have already mentioned the need to be deeply conscious of all our actions and words in last week's post which you can read here because what you choose to say and do at this time will have a lasting impact on your relationships going forward.

It is worth noting, that Mercury has already entered its pre-retrograde shadow period (11 Oct) before going retrograde on 31 October. Mercury, rules thought processes and communication as well as moving parts, like cars, trains, planes, and computers so you may have already experienced some frustration with your travel plans, car and communications with others. Be vigilant over the next two weeks, because what comes up now during this shadow period will become the "issue" or theme you will have to work through during Mercury's retrograde.

So to get back to today's Full Moon, while this moon is inviting conscious, bold action it is also asking us to put ourselves first by making time for self-care.

The Full Moon is a time of endings and turning points but also of illumination. It has a way of bringing things out into the open; of shining a light on the dark corners of our psyche. The woman in my vision keeps herself busy so she doesn't have to feel or think about anything too deeply. The cosmic invitation here is to slow down long enough for feelings to bubble up.

Then ride the wave.

What are your feelings trying to tell you?

Are you a people-pleaser?

Are you angry?

Anger is a misunderstood emotion. The opposite of anger is not calmness or tranquility, it is empathy.

What we usually call anger is only what is left of its essence when we are overwhelmed by its accompanying vulnerability, when it reaches the lost surface of our mind or our body's incapacity to hold it, or when it touches the limits of our understanding. What we name as anger is actually only the incoherent physical incapacity to sustain this deep form of care in our daily life; the unwillingness to be large enough and generous enough to hold what we love helplessly in our bodies and mind with the clarity and breadth of our whole being.
- David Whyte, Consolations

Get in touch with your anger either by sitting with it or writing it out. Release it. Scream into a pillow if you have to.

Try this:

Write a letter to yourself or to someone else (a parent, ex-friend or ex-husband for example). Start the letter with " X, I'm pissed off with you and here's why..." Liberate your frustration and rage. When you're finished, burn the letter, As you watch it burn, say to yourself: "Thank you anger. I no longer need you. I release you." ***

Try this:

Write a letter to the same person. Only this time start the letter with, "X, I forgive you." *** May this Full Moon make conscious those things you feel deeply and help you inhabit a larger and more courageous way of being.




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