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Full Moon In Aries

Luna, although not technically besieged, sits full in Aries between Mars and Saturn, who as you may know, are presently exchanging insults and throwing cutlery at each other across the cosmic banquet hall.

This is an uneasy Moon. She sits holding hands with Chiron, the Wounded Healer, a sure sign that we are all either tending to our wounds or consciously or unconsciously in the act of wounding another.

In Aries, Chiron speaks specifically to the Hero complex which I won’t delve into here except to say that the person that needs rescuing from the dragon (fear, anger, pride) the most at this time is - probably - the person in the mirror. Today’s astro-weather is about “me” and not “we” even though the Sun sits in relationship-loving Libra. A wonderful cosmic reminder that the strongest relationships are formed when two self-aware individuals come together and not when one is trying to fill a void or is drawn to a missing part of his/her psychological life.

It is best to work with this energy towards self-healing and personal growth. Conjunct Chiron retrograde, the Moon invites the gathering up of our rejected parts; of lovingly drawing them back into ourselves and recognizing that our quirks, so-called flaws and history are the very things that set us apart and make us who we are.

Expect this Harvest Moon to shine a light on a festering wound and to wash you anew with a sense of courage and determination. What still bothers you “after all this time”? What issue keeps popping out from under the rug that has clearly not yet been resolved ?

Please be gentle with yourself.