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Full Moon in Aries

Full Moons bring endings as well as rewards and news. This Full Moon opposes Sun and Mars in Libra, and squares Pluto in Capricorn. And, Mars will also be opposite Eris, archetype of discord and confusion and Black Moon Lilith. There’s a lot going on here and it starts with a story you’ve been telling yourself since you were knee high. It’s a story that has been in desperate need of revision and if you applied yourself during Mercury’s retrograde there’s a chance you have already made necessary revisions. Over the last two weeks you have had to take a closer look at your relationships and whether or not you feel validated and appreciated. Maybe you’ve had to let someone go or maybe someone cut your chords for you. Either way a page in the book of your life has been turned. Whatever situation or whomever you choose to release now will never repeat itself or return to darken your doorway, thanks to Pluto.

Cardinal energy dominates in this Full Moon chart. This is an indication that we still have work to do on our identity with a focus on how our character impacts our closest relationships (Sun in Libra).

Who am I right now (What’s the story I’m telling myself?) and do I truly like myself?

Mars opposite Black Moon Lilith indicates a strong connection to unconscious emotions. You are being asked to learn to be more responsive. Reaction and responsiveness are not the same thing. Reaction stems from defensiveness. We react when we’re trying to uphold the past or the familiar. Responsiveness requires staying open to the unknown. Black Moon Lilith is reactive, as is Mars. Neither are points of integration. To be responsive you have to rely on your senses in the present moment not on memory. If you can stay in the present moment when tension arises this week, a creative solution will reveal itself.




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