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Full Moon in Cancer

The Moon is full today at 27º 50’ Cancer 3:48pm PT. She opposes the Sun and Pluto. While the Sun-Pluto conjunction burn through the superfluous in order to reveal the real treasure within, the Moon, Mother Goddess, holds a mirror up to the God of the Underworld. We are in the shadowlands, today.

How do you relate to your Inner and Outer Mother?

If you identify as female, your relationship with your mother is the template you hold for the relationship you have with yourself. How your mother felt about herself and about you is absorbed and internalized as beliefs.

Consider the relationship you have with yourself. How does it mirror the relationship your mother has/had with herself? If you relate in a healthy way to yourself then your own Inner Mother is nurturing and supporting you in ways your own Outer Mother could or can not. If you are not nurtured by your Inner Mother at this time, write out the ways you felt abandoned, betrayed, neglected or unloved by your mother.

Once you've done this consider performing a simple ritual during this Full Moon (tonight or tomorrow) in which you burn this paper of grievances (in a fireproof vessel).

Sit for a few minutes afterwards and think about the limitations your mother experienced in her life. With Pluto in the mix, consider how the themes of control and power came into play for your mother. Patriarchy. Misogyny. Poverty...

Once you have reflected on this consider doing the following journal exercise:

Next, how do you think our Divine Mother sees you? and

How would our Divine Mother speak to you?

And then lastly,

Define your Inner Mother. Describe the beautiful chambers of her heart. Write a song or poem about her generosity. Praise her ability to withstand tough times.

Home, family and issues around nurturing take center stage. This is further emphasized by the Moon’s applying sextile to Ceres at 28º Taurus. Asteroid Ceres in astrology rules food, nourishment, motherhood and female cycles. You are either enjoying the comforts of home, transitioning into a new role (parent/grandparent/elder) or you may be providing nurturing (in some form) to yourself or another who is in need of nurturing.




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