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Full Moon in Cancer, 29 December 2020

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

This is quite possibly my favourite Full Moon of the year as she will be in her home sign and free from Mars and Saturn. In Cancer, Luna is comforting, nurturing and sensitive. Being with loved ones will take priority at this time. Conjunct the brilliant white star Alhena, located on the left foot of the twin Pollux, good health, pleasure and domestic activities are highlighted.

Key Aspects:

  • The Moon is Full at 8 degrees Cancer and in the 8th Lunar Mansion, Al Nathrah.

  • Full Moon times: 8:30pm (MT), 7:30PM (PT) and 5:30pm (ET)

  • Moon conjunct fixed star Alhena and sextile Uranus

  • Venus square Neptune

  • Neptune square the Nodes

The Moon is currently travelling through Al Nathrah which is the Mansion associated with attachment to family and friends. We are asked to cherish - which means to actively appreciate - those we love.

Venus square Neptune, inspires creative self-expression so you may be either feeling crafty or you may have already started on a project. When I meditated on this astrology I found myself transported to an arts and crafts store (like Michaels) where people were shopping for canvas, clay, journals, pencils and yarn. While this is a very creative and mystical aspect it does come with a health warning as there is the very real danger of overdosing.

Neptune square the Nodes reminds us to be practical at this time and not to waste too much precious time daydreaming or focused on things that are not meant for us.

The Moon In Cancer and You

The Moon is at home in sensitive and intuitive Cancer. When Luna is travelling through Cancerian waterways, we are inclined to respond emotionally to external events. We all feel a little more sensitive than usual and misunderstandings (Mercury is also opposite the Moon at this time) can develop quickly. Our thinking faculties are somewhat compromised when the Moon sails through Cancer because we process information with our hearts.

When the Moon is Full in Cancer we are invited to release unhelpful emotional patterns like shame, jealousy and regret. With the Sun in Capricorn, the sign opposite Cancer, we may find ourselves struggling with feelings of worth at this time. The Moon in Cancer, one of the signs associated with the Goddess, reminds us to turn our gaze inward and to listen to the still voice of wisdom within.

This perfectly timed Full Moon brings soul nourishment, magical surprises and much-needed emotional release.

Join me on Tuesday the 29th at 7:30pm (MT) for a 45 minute circle that includes a discussion of this Full Moon’s astrology, a short meditation and ritual ideas.