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Full Moon in Cancer - Womb power, Spiritual Support and Protection

Updated: Jan 5

General message for all zodiac signs:

The Full Moon (January 6th, 3:07pm) at 16º Cancer will bring family matters to the fore. If you have a planet within a 3º orb of 16º Cancer, this planet will describe the person or people you will be dealing with and it will add context to your family situation. For example, if your natal Mercury is at 16º Cancer then a young person will require attention and nurturing or this person will bring family-related news. Saturn represents an older person, Venus a woman and Mars, a man. Look to your Cancer house for details on what this Moon will bring to a close. Download your free astro cheat sheets here.

Full Moon in Cancer themes:




Cancerians (Sun and Rising) will feel this moon the most. The Moon will be sextile Uranus in Taurus and opposite the Sun and Mercury in Capricorn. You may receive surprising news or - and this is more likely - your emotional response to something may take you by surprise. Increased anxiety and overwhelm is possible but will be short-lived.

As full moons bring closure and release, you are aware that some situation has come to an end or you are now psychologically primed for saying no to certain belief patterns or traits.

  • This moon asks you to say NO to martyrdom (suffering for attention or admiration) and saying YES to self-care.

  • This moon asks you to say NO to things that take you away from culture-making and protection and saying YES to blood knowledge.

  • This moon asks you to say YES to the power of your womb. It asks you to recognize that home and womb are intimately interwoven.

You are supported by a legion of ancestors.

This is a Moon that lights the path of our ancestors. Personally I don’t only consider my two-legged ancestors during these sacred Winter weeks. I think back to our Cryogenian ancestors who emerged from the wreckage of a fire and ice scourged Earth. I think of water and algae, asteroid dust and sabre tooth tigers. I think of ancestors feathered and gilled and speckled and striped and whorled.

We are utterly - wondrously - surrounded by ancestral spirits.

Winter belongs to the Snow Maiden and the Cailleach. It is the feminine urge to nest and reflect and for gathering with family. Our ancestors recognized this as the time for storytelling and the passing on of traditional values.

I hope you enjoyed quality time with family during the holidays and I hope you introduced a new tradition that felt like an ancient tradition reborn. Because this moon is the moon of the womb. The womb that gives birth to what has been before, the eternal and ancestral (Sun & Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn). The past is reinvented. The old becomes new.

The Feast of Epiphany also known as Three Kings is celebrated by many Christian traditions and takes place the same day. This feast commemorates the arrival of the three magi (wise men) in the bible story. The word “magi” refers to a class of astrologer-priests in the Persian empire.

The word epiphany comes from the Greek word epiphainein which means to “reveal”. The day after this feast day, Mercury will conjoin the Sun (cazimi) at 16º Capricorn. I wrote a longer post on this important event here.

I think this Full Moon in Cancer will bring soul-deep revelations for those who remember to honor the feminine this sacred week with rest and reflection.




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