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Full Moon in Capricorn

This is a pragmatic Full Moon that comes after an exhausting Mercury Retrograde period. Mercury retrograde in Air signs is always brutal but more so in the sign of their rulership, Gemini.

The Moon occurs at 3 degrees in Capricorn. The Moon is in her detriment in Capricorn, in opposition to nurturing Cancer. Capricorn is among many other things the sign of pragmatism and reserve. This is a Saturn-ruled Moon that asks us to anchor ourselves in reality. It’s a Moon for adulting and taking responsibility for our lives. Saturn makes an exact sextile to Chiron during this Full Moon. Both Saturn and Chiron are teachers. Are you aware of your wound? Are you doing the work of healing? Saturn blesses us with diligence and tenacity. This is a helpful aspect that makes it easier for us to work on our healing.

Assisted by Mercury now direct in Gemini, this Moon asks us to make at least one big decision. If you’ve been waiting for a vital piece of information, this info has probably been made available to you. What requires your attention? What steps can you take at this time to forward an important goal?

The Moon is also conjunct centaur Phollus. I mentioned this in my post here about this week's astrology.

If there is still some confusion or you’re hesitating to make a decision, check to see if Neptune currently transiting Pisces (23° Pisces) is making aspects to your Sun, Moon and Mercury. Alternatively, If the matter can wait until the end of July then hold off making a decision until Jupiter is back in Aquarius and no longer sharing space with fuzzy Neptune.

Since Full Moons are associated with manifestation or the culmination of things you may find yourself at the end of a project that was started around the time of the New Moon in Capricorn on January 13th. There’s a good chance though - (read post for New Moon in Capricorn)- that your values have shifted regarding work and how to earn a living.

The Moon will be enclosed by Mars and Saturn. This is known as a malefic enclosure. There is the potential for conflict with people in authority or people who are older than you. This is also an emotion-heavy Moon with so many planets in water signs.

The New Moon in January asked for endings (yes, contrary to most New Moons). You probably closed the door on a chapter in your life at that time. Your definition of success has also been radically altered. This Full Moon will help make these new values concrete. For example, you may have been laid off in January and from then to now have acquired a new skill and are taking steps to launch a business/a side hustle or you resolved in January to quit your job around this time and have done so.

The Sun sits in Cancer. Cancer is the sign of the tribe. The Sun is shining a spotlight on the people in your tribe - family, friends et al - and the Moon will reflect how these bonds enrich your lives (Capricorn). This is not about people who necessarily “fit” your ideal. If you are looking for friendship then this Moon encourages this. Remember this is about being open to new people who while sharing your values may not be the “usual types”. For example your tribe may consist of people much younger or much older than yourself. They may also be from a different culture. Your tribe reveals who you are through your interactions with others. Who are you? How does your tribe “see” you? What is your role in your immediate community?

Pay special attention to people coming into your life now as they will in all likelihood be around for a long time.

Neptune stations retrograde tomorrow in Pisces. Jupiter is also retrograde. These two planets are gateways to the Divine within ourselves and without and they retrograde in the sign associated with spirituality and the subconscious mind. When planets are retrograde their energy is not debilitated, they’re just not doing their planeting in an obvious and overt way.

Neptune retrograde is an excellent time to look within and to give expression to our creative impulse. Jupiter retrograde will ask us to revisit our religious and philosophical beliefs. Pay attention to your dreams this week. Listen to your inner voice. Follow your intuition.

Neptune is also associated with addictions. Maybe you’ve realized that an addiction is taking a toll on your wellbeing. Maybe your addiction isn’t drugs or sex. Maybe you’re addicted to emotion or worry or a thought pattern. Whatever is currently possessing you is your teacher.

What is your addiction trying to tell you?

Full Moon Inspiration. Read for your Sun sign and Ascendant (Rising Sign).


Claim the prize. Change your profession. Reach for your dreams.


Buy that plane ticket. Do that course. Read those books.


Invest your tax payout. Take a break. Meditate.


Move on. Let it out. Say yes, to that person who sees you for who you truly are.


Rescue a pet. Know your worth. Find something better.


Publish that story. Share an artistic creation or inspired idea. Play with the kids.


Sell that property. Forgive a parent. Honour your ancestors.


Go on a short trip. Submit that article. Inspire with your words.


Buy that painting or artwork. Invest that money. Spend time in places with sweeping vistas.


Change your mind. Peel back a layer. Reveal a new side to yourself.


Buy the journal. Record your dreams. Sit with your Shadow. Dream.


Spend time with friends. Make a wish. Allow yourself to receive.



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