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Full Moon In Gemini

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

Tomorrow's Full Moon in Gemini (12/12) invites and ignites conversation making it a stellar day to catch up with friends and family and have one-on-one conversations with clients.

Allow your curiosity to be your guide today and tomorrow as it's a good time to ask questions and learn more about anything that interests you.

The Full Moon also currently squares imaginative Neptune, making this an ideal time to follow hunches. You'll be able to connect the dots intuitively.

The Full Moon is a time not only of completion and fulfillment but also illumination. In Gemini there is a good chance those good ideas of yours will come together. Useful information will come to light today or tomorrow. Have a journal or notebook and pen on hand to write it all down!

Your body is especially absorbent during the Full Moon so avoid greasy junk food and try to eat healthy, nutrient-rich foods and good fats (think avocados, nuts...). You may also be retaining water at this time.

If you want to charge crystals, amulets, herbs or even liquids, do so during the Full Moon. Place your object under the Full Moon, preferably on a clean cloth or on the earth (crystals). It's also okay to charge your objects on the window sill, under the light of the moon. Do this at sunset and bring them back into the house BEFORE sunrise. Once you have all of your crystals back inside remember to charge them with your intentions.

Here's a list of the house illuminated by tomorrow's Full Moon for each sign. Please read your Sun Sign and Ascendant (Rising Sign) if you know it.

Remember, if you are doing a releasing ritual, it's best to tap into your intuition to see what needs to be released. Trust yourself. Then after a moment's meditation or reflection, take a look at the house highlighted for your sign, below.

Expect something to come to light (revelation) or come to an end (completion), or to have grown or manifested (abundance) in the following areas:


3rd House: communication, siblings, neighbors, learning


2nd House: Finances, values, self-worth


Ist House: Self-identity, personal appearance, your approach to life


12th House: Spiritual practice, service, hidden enemies


11th House: Friends, associates, support from groups


10th House: Career, reputation, your calling


9th House: Education, beliefs, journeys (travel)


8th House: Joint resources, investments, inheritances, taxes, intimacy, open enemies


7th House: Marriage, lovers, business partners


6th House: Daily routines (important changes to habits), work, health, pets


5th House: Creativity, children, recreation, self-expression


4th House: Emotional roots, parents and family, real estate




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