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Full Moon in Gemini

The Full Moon on the 18th December at Gemini 27º (8:34pm PST) will trine Jupiter in Aquarius and quincunx Venus and Pluto in Capricorn. The Moon trine Jupiter highlights the need for communication in order to resolve or conclude an issue. Healing comes through words.

Whatever ends at this time will end fortuitously or in an open-hearted and magnanimous way. If you have been at odds with someone, now is the time to reach out to them. There will be an honest expression of feelings and true needs with special attention given to the “larger community” or group within which you find yourself.

At this time, there’s a need to ground abstract and high-minded ideas or beliefs and to consider different perspectives.

The Moon goes void soon after this lunation. A signal to take a break. Let things settle into fine gold dust.

But perhaps most importantly this Full Moon is an invitation to do a year review. What has broken through for you? How have you grown? What are you most proud of?

Venus has stationed retrograde (17th Dec) in Capricorn. Think back to 2013 and early 2014 for clues as to the Venusian themes that are likely to revisit you over the next three months. When Venus is retrograde, relationships take centre stage. Including the relationship you have with yourself. Capricorn is quite the task master. You may feel like you are "falling behind" or that you're not where you should be at this stage in your life. Comparison as they say, is the thief of joy.

There are several key messages at this time, one is you are not what you do. Your worth is NOT tied to external symbols of success like a big house and a flashy car. Another message - and this one is poignant, considering it's the holiday season; the best offerings have no dollar value (Venus conjunct Pluto). We are the daily recipients of acts of generosity that go beyond time and space. Our lives are made beautiful by both seen and unseen forces. Remember, your ancestors still walk with you. Bring your hands together in thanks.

The bests offerings are soul offerings. These are the offerings that come from the part of yourself that is eternal and divine. These offerings feel like support; a tender hand on a shoulder, a blessing that lands on dove wings in a home of a friend, an open prayer for peace and happiness.

Be the blessing.




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