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Full Moon In Leo

The Full Moon falls in 20 degrees in Leo this Sunday, February 9. It will be directly opposite the Sun in Aquarius and trine Mars in Sagittarius. Venus in Aries adds sass and vibrancy, making this a super energized and passionate Full Moon.

The most prominent energy this weekend though will be COURAGE. Follow your instincts and go after what you want but be aware that Mercury is moving backwards in sensitive Pisces so choose your words carefully.

Now let’s delve deeper and talk about the Cosmic invitation for this weekend…

You may be aware that there’s an increasing obsession with “dissolving the ego”. This is thanks partly, to the blending of Buddhist and Western philosophies and the popularity of books on spirituality but ego should not be confused with self-infatuation or narcissism.

Dissolving the ego may sound like a lofty goal but what’s left after such a dissolution?


No authentic expression. No independent thought. No growth.

The ego, in case you’re wondering, is not “one thing”. By definition, it is a cluster of activities and a set of functions. So dissolving it, is easier said than done.

Ego is what differentiates us from all other living things. A leopard, for example, does not dream of happiness or tell stories about his or her life to other leopards. It feels no need to explain, interpret or improve. A leopard lives with no self-reference, as does a tortoise or a limpet on the rock.

No other sign understands the importance of embracing your ego (and your heart’s desires) quite like Leo.

Leo lives for expression and the manifestation of imagination (creativity/art).

This weekend’s Full Moon in Leo is an invitation to reflect on improving your ego functions.

Journal Exercises:

  • How do you show self-love?

  • Do you know which forms of happiness are more worthwhile than others?

  • Where do your responsibilities lie (who and what are you responsible for)?

  • Are you a good judge of right and wrong for yourself?

  • And have you learned from past mistakes for the sake of your future happiness?

Now on to the horoscopes...

Below is a list of the house illuminated by Sunday's Full Moon for each sign. Please read your Sun Sign and Ascendant (Rising Sign) if you know it.

Remember, if you are doing a releasing ritual, it's best to tap into your intuition to see what needs to be released. Trust yourself. Then after a moment's meditation or reflection, take a look at the house highlighted for your sign, below.

Expect something to come to light (revelation) or come to an end (completion), or to have grown or manifested (abundance) in the following areas:


9th House: Travel, education, wisdom, philosophy


10th House: Career, father, expertise/reputation


11th House: Groups, friends, hopes and wishes for the future


12th House: Spiritual practice, service, hidden enemies


1st House: Approach to life, appearance, beginnings


2nd House: Money, work, income, values


3rd House: Siblings, communication, neighbours, social activities


4th House: Emotional roots, parents and family, real estate


5th House: Self-expression, creativity, children, love affairs


6th House: Daily routines (important changes to habits), work, health, pets


7th House: Marriage, lovers, business partners


8th House: Joint resources, investments, inheritances, taxes, intimacy, open enemies



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