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Full Moon in Leo

Today’s powerful and auspicious Full Moon at 9 degrees Leo is opposite the Sun and Jupiter at 9 degrees Aquarius (12:18 pm, MT). The transiting Sun is symbolically renewing Jupiter, a condition known as cazimi. When a planet is said to be cazimi it’s like a power wash (except instead of water the cleaning agent is radiation) that includes supreme interior cleaning and buffing. Not necessarily pleasant but necessary. Jupiter is the planet of principles, wisdom, philosophy, law, abundance and meaning-making. How we construe and make sense of life has all come up for review. You may very well feel like you’ve been remoulded and reshaped and are almost ready to come out of the oven. The same can be said for the collective. There is a palpable shift of consciousness happening. A shapeshifting.

Jupiter rules the superconscious self (a term for the higher or spiritual region of our psyche) that has no sense of limitation or restriction. This tells us that one of the cosmic questions being asked by this conjunction is: What would you do if you truly and absolutely believed in yourself and your abilities?

The Moon, Sun and Jupiter form a dynamic t-square with Mars and this is happening in fixed signs today. There is tension between what we think we can do (Aquarius) and what materially (Taurus) we can commit to doing. Nevertheless, know that any changes made at this time will be "fixed" and longlasting.

We're also dealing with the polarity of Leo and Aquarius. Leo asks us to proudly embrace our individual talents and be the star in our movie, while Aquarius knows that genuine fulfillment can only be achieved through reciprocal relationship with the world.

Full Moons are always about completion and relationships. Some relationships bloom into fullness while others end during this phase. When thinking of relating, remember that you are encouraged to nurture relationships with all beings. The Sun’s position gives us clues as to what to focus on and in Aquarius we must consider our relationship with Mother Earth, communities, the beings in our homes (seen and unseen), the celestial bodies etc.

Also in a close dance today, Venus and Pluto, and while this speaks of power struggles within relationships, jealousy and intense emotions, the first thing that came to my mind was Audre Lorde’s powerful essay on the Uses of the Erotic. The erotic, Lorde writes, has the potential to give us an idea of something bigger than mediocrity. We must stretch ourselves beyond what we ourselves and others may believe is possible for us in order to experience the erotic. I also love Esther Perel’s definition of the erotic as “that quality of vibrancy and vitality that beats back deadness”. To sum it up, this conjunction between the planet of love and partnership of all kinds and the planet of death and transformation, asks you to either accept the ending of a relationship and move on with grace or to work on bringing back the erotic.

May this Full Moon burn away any self-doubt and fear so that you can pursue your dreams!

Full Moon Affirmation for your Sun and Rising Sign

Aquarius: I am whole, strong and powerful.

Pisces: My worth is not determined by others or the amount of money I have in the bank.

Aries: I communicate my truth and confidently ask for what I need.

Taurus: I breathe in confidence and breathe out fear.

Gemini: I am creative and inspiration flows to and from me with ease and grace.

Cancer: I do what nourishes me physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I listen to my body and give myself permission to rest.

Leo: I create and maintain healthy boundaries in all my relationships.

Virgo: I bring a quality of vibrancy and vitality to all my relationships.

Libra: I open my mind to new ways of seeing and learning.

Scorpio: I have what it takes to achieve my dreams.

Sagittarius: I am worthy of positive relationships in my life. I now attract wonderful friends.

Capricorn: I am Divinely supported. I have nothing to fear.




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