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Full Moon in Leo

The first thing I did this morning was download a free coloring page “for adults”. It’s a drawing of a mandala and I will be coloring it in while listening to Clair de Lune and other music inspired by the Moon. This is one of my favourite ways to connect with the Moon when she is Full because coloring in, is a form of meditation.

Tomorrow’s Full Moon in Leo exact at 8:56 AM PT is an invitation to look at how you honor your inner Sun. The Moon shines her light on your selfhood.


How and why….

you dim your own light so someone else can shine and "claim all the glory"?

you consistently downplay your abilities or struggle with taking the lead?

This Moon is also a reminder to keep the solar fire burning by making time for fun and laughter. Embrace your inner child.

The Moon occurs at the bendings (square the lunar nodes). There is change in the wind…

Either someone or something important arrives or something important ends or someone (maybe you?) makes a dramatic exit.

I like the union of Mars and Venus at 16º Capricorn; a literal and symbolic pairing up; a passionate kiss, the harmonizing of opposing energies, yin and yang. Jupiter in Pisces in an applying sextile to Uranus in Taurus is a lightning strike of divine grace. A second chance at making something work.

The shadow side of this aspect is impulsive excess and/or an attraction to novel ideas that in the long run will prove unsustainable.

Mercury, back in Aquarius, is looking at things from every perspective but is also restrained by Saturn’s rulership and often shocked by life’s realities. Look at the house occupied by Aquarius for clues to the issues that may arise over the next three weeks that will either shock you or force a new perspective on your situation.




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