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  • Yolanda McAdam

Full Moon In Libra

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

About the Full Moon

The Full Moon is our monthly invitation to release any barriers that are preventing us from accomplishing our goals and manifesting our intentions. The Full Moon also illuminates our next steps and helps us recommit to our treasured visions for the future.

This is a time of completion, illumination, insight, and fulfillment. Wishes are granted, prayers are answered and truths are revealed (not all will be to our liking but all are for our best).

The Full Moon occurs tonight 7 April 2020 (8:35 pm MST) in Libra.


Balance | Harmony | Relationships

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About Libra

Venus-ruled Libra is the sign associated with art, beauty, culture, harmony and relationships. The symbol for Libra is the inanimate balance scale; representative of Libra’s passion for justice and fairness. The scales further reflect Libra’s reluctance to “upset the status quo”.

Librans like to weigh up their options which is one of the many reasons they are notoriously indecisive.

Librans tend to think a lot because they don’t rely on feelings and intuition to make decisions. They prefer asking for and receiving feedback and actively seek the opinions of others. This does not mean however that they follow anyone’s advice. It's just their way of making sure they’ve “heard all sides” and looked at a situation from all angles.

They have a deep longing to find self through others and only feel complete in a special relationship.

The Moon in Libra asks:

Where am I “out of balance”?

And, do I ask for or expect too much from others?

In marriages, for example, many of us expect our partner to be ‘all things”. We expect him/her to be our best friend, passionate lover, financial partner, intellectual equal and “the one who is going to help me be the best version of myself”.

“This litany of expectations is a grand setup for failure. Once we strayed because marriage was not supposed to deliver love and passion. Today we stray because marriage fails to deliver the love, passion, and undivided attention it promised.” - Psychotherapist, Esther Perel.

The solution?

Be aware of your expectations and make sure they are realistic and that you have and maintain a wide social circle.

The Sun

The Sun is in fiery Aries opposite Libra. Here the Sun blazes with SELF-energy. The sky now reflects ME (self) vs YOU (other).

Aries is the sign of courage, assertiveness, leadership, and warmth but also aggression, self-absorption, and rebellion.

Journal Questions:

  • What do I bring to my relationships? (Examples: New experiences, play, touch…)

  • How do my current actions enliven or harm my relationships?

  • How do I over-accommodate others to the detriment of my own needs?

  • What stale and/or unhealthy pattern of behaviour or belief are you ready to release? Complete the following sentence:

I now release ………………………………………

And a final word from Venus, goddess of love and beauty...

Venus as ruler of Libra and representation here of the Divine Feminine, asks us to bring beauty and balance.

  • How do you add vibrancy and vitality to your home?

  • How are you being sensitive and caring in your daily interactions?

Download your free Full Moon in Libra workbook here.

Astrological Aspects

This Full Moon will be felt most by those of us with planets at or close to 18 degrees because the Moon will be resplendent and fully embodied at 18 degrees 44’ in Libra.

She will, however, square Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn and what’s happening on a global scale (death, renewal, rebirth) is now reflected in both heart and home.

This square emphasizes the need to transform; to make necessary changes within and without.

The energy also hints at potential drama or episodes of “acting out” because of heightened frustration. Try not to pick or instigate fights at this time. There is a strong need for spiritual sanctuary if you are in lockdown with others (family or roommates).

Consider creating a space where you can pray, meditate and dance either in your bedroom for example or if you have it, in a spare room. Make it a daily practice to bless, rest and receive.

Full Moon Illuminations

Please read both your Sun sign and Ascendant (Rising Sign) if you know it.

At this time, issues or challenges that need to be addressed will be illuminated or things will come to fruition and wishes granted in the following areas:


Relationships, Setting and Maintaining boundaries


Retreat, Recuperation, Learning to Give And Receive with Grace, Service


Friends, Children, Play, Light-heartedness, Creativity


Home, The Past/ Roots, Self-acceptance, Self-love


Self-expression, Communicating with clarity and confidence


Other People’s Money, Financial Resources (Blocks to Abundance), Self-worth


Self-identity (how you choose to appear), Your shadow, Relationships


Work, Service, Health


Groups, Self-expression, Self-criticism, and Self-denial


Self-acceptance. A better balance between Home/Career.


Fear around new experiences/meeting new people, Higher Education

Transformation, Self-healing


Shared resources. Investments. Money coming in.

Full Moon blessings!