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Full Moon in Libra

The Moon is Full at 26 Libra 45 today (11:54 AM PT). The Moon, Sun and Pluto create a cardinal T-Square (Libra, Aries, Capricorn respectively). A t-square is made up of two aspects; an opposition (in today’s chart the Sun and Moon) and a square (Moon and Pluto). The opposition calls our attention to relationship patterns and issues. The Aries-Libra axis is ME vs WE. Leading up to this Full Moon you have definitely been made aware of an imbalance in your relationships. You are either feeling like you are the only one trying to build or maintain your special relationships or you are overwhelmed by the needs of others. Certainly there’s also conflict here between what you perceive others want or need from you versus what you know you can actually give. Make sure you fill your own cup so you can love and support others.

The square part of this greater t-square indicates the areas that require effort. Moon in Libra square Pluto in Capricorn. Look at the houses sitting in Libra and Capricorn in your birth chart for clues as to what areas will only change with effort on your part. This Moon is very much about relationships. About your relationship with yourself and others but also your relationship with the unseen and Divine (Venus, the ruler of Libra is exalted in Pisces).

It’s worth noting that earth and water dominate in this chart. A reminder that even though the cardinal t-square encourages action, the elements of earth and water invite careful, measured steps towards change.

The Moon’s harmonious trine to Saturn supports a committed and structured approach to building relationships and is also a reminder that we can’t make ourselves feel something we don’t but we can certainly show up with kindness.

Lastly, magnanimous Jupiter in Pisces is making a waxing sextile to Pluto in Capricorn. This is a powerful aspect of renewal. Follow that impulse to let go of old emotional baggage and unhealthy relationship patterns. You are supported at this time in your aim to “clear out” and make things new.