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Full Moon In Pisces

Opening scene

Tonight Luna finds herself aboard a sailboat on a starry sea near an island on which stands a temple dedicated to the sea god Neptune. Dolphins, Neptune’s emissaries, leap like horses nearby. There is no wind to harvest so the sailboat has been dismasted and Luna drifts with the current. She rests on a bed of white daisies and magenta-hued dahlias. Her mood is dreamy and contemplative.

The weather

This Full Moon completes one lunar cycle and links back to October 19th, 2019 with the Full Moon in Aries. Take a few minutes to reflect back on the year since October 2019. How far have you come? What goals have you accomplished?

Both Luna (in Pisces) and Sol (in Virgo) offer a wonderful opportunity for healing at this time, both physical and psychological. This is further emphasised by Luna’s aspect to Uranus; an exact sextile, that brings hope and sudden flashes of insight. This aspect suggests a resolution or compromise is at hand. Speak truthfully and share your feelings if you wish to heal a relationship.

The Full Moon’s conjunction with Neptune though, does hint at possible self-deception so be aware that you may be deceiving yourself about a situation or person. This can also indicate that someone or something is not quite what they seem. This aspect is also indicative of melancholy and sadness.

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There is a lack of air in the astrological skies this week so you could be struggling to adapt to a situation or even the changes - on a larger scale - around you. If you suffer from anxiety, this week will be particularly challenging so do devote more time than usual to soothing practices like walks in nature and meditation.

Air links the inner world to the outer environment because air is both thought and movement, so the current lack of air can indicate a reluctance to share ideas or act on an idea or plan. Certainly you may find yourself feeling less social or even communicative at this time.

It’s a good idea to spend a few days this week connecting the dots between having and wanting. There’s a saying that “having is proof of wanting”, so check whether what you have in your life (people, things, career) is what you actually want.

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