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Full Moon In Sagittarius

Tomorrow’s Full Moon and penumbral lunar eclipse in Sagittarius asks us to release outdated ideologies like white supremacy. There is a strong emphasis on healing belief systems that prevent growth as transiting Mercury in compassionate Cancer squares Chiron, the teacher, and healer, in Aries.

Cancer as ruler of the 4th House is also the seat of our ancestors. A reminder that in the process of creating a “New World” we have to dismantle Old World systems of corruption and oppression.

Venus in the heart of the Sun emphasizes the need for - yes, heart work.

“Not many will see you learning, confessing, repenting, uprooting, retooling, forgiving, inviting, empowering. But we will see the fruit. The hidden work is the heart work is the hard work.” - Ashlee Eiland, pastor.

This lunar eclipse is the first of three eclipses in a row in one lunar month. One on June 5th, one of June 21st and another on July 5th. Three eclipses are rare.

We are living through important and critical times of transformation. Eclipses are turning points and eclipse energy can last up to 18 months.

Sitting near the Dragon’s Tail (south node) and Square Mars and Neptune in Pisces this eclipse is a harbinger of radical change. Pisces is the sign of spiritual awareness and deep knowing. Mars here fights for a higher level of consciousness.

How have you been complicit? How have you knowingly or inadvertently been supporting systems of greed and oppression? How are you making reparations?

Neptune in Pisces stirs sacred activism, a term coined by Andrew Harvey to mean “the power of wisdom and love combined”.

If you are Gemini, Virgo, Libra, or Sagittarius this eclipse is especially significant for you as it ushers in a time of endings and “fated” events. You may lose your job, leave your partner or relocate now or sometime in the next 18 months. Someone or something will be “eclipsed” out of your life and you will change in ways that will redefine who you are. Please remember that when one door closes another one opens.

If you follow me on social media you will know that I will not be holding a Full Moon circle tomorrow because the Moon will be near the south node. It is my strong recommendation that you do not do any magical or manifestation work during an eclipse as eclipses are malefic. Pray and/or meditate.

Here is a brief Lunar eclipse reading for each sign. If you know your rising sign please read that too.


9th House

You may publish a book and/or teach or return to school. You may find yourself traveling great distances over the next 18 months. Your spiritual outlook will change.


8th House

You may receive an inheritance or an outstanding debt will be due. You will explore occult subjects like tarot and astrology.


7th House

This is a make or break eclipse when it comes to special or close relationships. You may leave a partner, get married, and/or meet someone special. You may go into business with someone.


6th House

You may change jobs at this time or find ways of being of greater service to your community. Pay special attention to your health and wellbeing. Alternative healing methods will be especially beneficial at this time.


5th House

You will embrace your creativity and begin exploring new ways of expressing yourself. Pay close attention to your heart’s song. You may fall in love or engage in an affair. Issues with children may arise.


4th House

You may relocate or make changes to your home (especially the kitchen). Your mother may require your help or extra attention. You will nurture, beautify and improve everything around you.


3rd House

You will use your voice to change the course of your life. This could mean starting your own podcast or publishing a blog or just speaking up more about what you really want. You may have to travel more (short journeys) over the next 18 months and an aunt and/or siblings will need your help.


2nd House

The way you earn an income will change but more importantly, you will figure out what’s truly valuable to you and in doing so start showing your value to the world. The world will reflect that value back to you.


1st House

You may start a new business. You will show up differently and are in the process of reshaping the world around you. You will fall in love with your story.