• Yolanda McAdam

Full Moon in Scorpio

Today’s Full Moon, the so-called Pink Moon because she smiles down on April’s flowering phlox subulata (a pink wildflower) is the first of two Supermoons. The next one will be May 26th.

This Full Moon in Scorpio is anchored down in Pluto-ruled underground waters. This is a Moon of deep feelings that reminds us that one of the creatures associated with Scorpio is the snake. The other creatures, the scorpion, eagle and phoenix may very well play a part during this lunar phase but the otherworldly serpent will rule supreme. Snakes have long been associated with the Feminine Principle and the Underworld. Symbols of transformation, healing and wisdom the serpent is an invitation to shed old skin and emerge renewed.

Pluto, who has stationed (appears not to be moving) and is preparing to retrograde tomorrow is the ruler of this lunation. Pluto demands change and today’s Supermoon will amplify and illuminate the area of your life that must undergo change or is already in the process of evolving. Look at the house in which Scorpio sits in your chart for clues as to what area in your life is undergoing a deep and necessary transformation.