• Yolanda McAdam

Full Moon in Taurus

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

There is a lush and bountiful quality to this Full Moon - a Blue Moon - in Taurus, on Saturday October 31st. She is exalted in Taurus, one of two signs ruled by Venus and with Venus in Libra, the other sign she co-rules, the emphasis is on money, harmony and relationship. However Uranus is in the mix, so expect a lightning strike or two.

On a collective level, as the Moon grows in light and nears Uranus we can expect eruptions of emotion and shocking developments (consider what has been happening in France re: terrorist attacks ). Many countries have also had to resume lockdown. Expect to hear further disturbing news this weekend.

On a personal level this is a Moon of turnarounds and awakenings. Something will come to light (new information). This could be any number of things but there’s a good chance you will become aware of what and whom you truly value.

Both the Sun and Moon are in signs associated with money and assets. The Sun is at 8 d