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Full Moon in Taurus

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

There is a lush and bountiful quality to this Full Moon - a Blue Moon - in Taurus, on Saturday October 31st. She is exalted in Taurus, one of two signs ruled by Venus and with Venus in Libra, the other sign she co-rules, the emphasis is on money, harmony and relationship. However Uranus is in the mix, so expect a lightning strike or two.

On a collective level, as the Moon grows in light and nears Uranus we can expect eruptions of emotion and shocking developments (consider what has been happening in France re: terrorist attacks ). Many countries have also had to resume lockdown. Expect to hear further disturbing news this weekend.

On a personal level this is a Moon of turnarounds and awakenings. Something will come to light (new information). This could be any number of things but there’s a good chance you will become aware of what and whom you truly value.

Both the Sun and Moon are in signs associated with money and assets. The Sun is at 8 degrees 38" in Scorpio and the Moon in Taurus at 8 degrees 38". This Sun-Moon opposition is a reminder that wealth is not only about how much money you have in your bank account but also about how you’re doing and feeling. The root word for “wealth” is the Old English word “weal” which means welfare and wellbeing.

That said, this is an excellent Moon to work with if you’re wanting to release limiting beliefs around abundance and money.

“Divine Beloved, allow me to give with complete ease and abundance, knowing that You are the unlimited Source of all. Let me be an easy, open conduit for Your prosperity. Let me trust that all my own needs are always met in amazing ways and that it’s safe to give freely as my heart guides.” - Tosha Silver, It’s Not Your Money

Make time for moon bathing as the Moon waxes into fullness. Spend at least 7 minutes in the light of the Moon. Highly recommended for all, but more so if you’re a Cardinal sign (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn). This Moon offers a respite from Mars’ seemingly endless provocations and fiery barbs. According to Ayurveda the Moon has a cooling and soothing effect on the mind and body.

Release any fears or limiting beliefs in the following areas (please read for your Sun sign and Rising Sign):


Your limiting beliefs about Money. Your need for approval.


Your sense of Self. Your public image.


The fear that your Dreams will never be realized. Your resistance to Change and New Beginnings.


Your fears for Society and your Future. Your self-doubt and struggle to accept there is no one else like you.


Your fears around how you think you are perceived by others. Your Status.


Your limiting beliefs around how much you know or don't know. Self-doubt. The "rightness" of Your Personal Philosophy


Your fear of Death, Change and/or The Occult/Hidden Subjects


Relationships. Your doubts about your ability to attract the right person or people. Your looks and personality.


Your concerns around routine. Your doubts about your skills and abilities.


Your doubts about your creative abilities. Your lack of faith in your own strength of character.


Your issues with family and ancestors. Your level of security.


Your doubts about your ability to communicate ideas or express your needs. Your intellect.




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