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Happy Autumn Equinox

Happy Autumn Equinox!

On this day of the Assumption of The Crone, Mercury in harmony-loving Libra squares Pluto in Capricorn, a quarrelsome aspect that may find us using our words to try to attain a sense of equilibrium or grab more power. There is a striving for balance in relationship and partnership with others and within ourselves and an invitation to dive deeper, to seek the meaning of things.

The Autumn Equinox signals a shift from the dynamic season of action and growth to a more quiet and introspective season.

Today is the day of the ancient holy one. She Who Holds Age, Time and Transformation. By following the seasons, and living in alignment with Nature we are now guided to go inward and to bring forth the light of transformation. This is the time to channel wisdom and inner knowing. The Crone is the third figure of the Triple Goddess, or trinity, which includes The Maiden and The Mother and represents not only wisdom but also the inevitable destruction or dissolution that precedes regeneration.

The Crone is Kali Ma, the Primordial Goddess, Cerridwen The White Sow of Transformation, The Morrigan, Raven Queen and Persephone (whose name means Destroyer), Queen of the Underworld. If you are a woman or identify as a woman, the Crone is within you. The Crone is synonymous with the hag image. The word “hag” is derived from the Greek “hagia” which means holy and was used for centuries to mirror the esteem and respect with which older wise women were held in society.

As Nature responds by letting go and falling back, we are reminded as we enter this liminal season to do the same. Slow down, release, pull back and make time for reflection and rest. Know that true power is within you and not outside yourself. This is the message of today’s Mercury-Pluto aspect. Bring into awareness the source of your power which is inherent and not something bestowed upon you. To become truly wise you must not be a doormat or a wimp or someone who whines and complains with each changing season. Make an effort to find your power and to own it. It may come from learning to say No, and meaning it.




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