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How To Work With The New Moon (for maximum benefit)

The Moon as mediator between us and the planets and fixed stars, is our most powerful ally.

Yet, many of us ignore her influence. Perhaps it’s because we don’t believe it's possible to create and maintain a relationship with her. Perhaps it's because we don't want to add anything more to our proverbial plate by remaining cognizant of her daily position. We can do that by either checking online sites dedicated to the Moon or by looking it up in an ephemeris.

The fact is, New and Full Moons harness potent and magical energy.

At the New Moon

A New Moon ushers in new beginnings. It’s our chance to hit the reset button, turn a new leaf or venture down a new road.

A New Moon occurs when the Sun and Moon are conjunct (0º) in the same sign. The Moon reflects very little light at this time but her gravitational pull upon the Earth is the greatest. As the Moon waxes and wanes, she mirrors the fluctuations of increase and decrease that take place in our bodies and psyche. Unsurprisingly, those of us with strongly positioned moons or many Cancer placements in our natal charts tend to feel depleted or tired just prior to the New Moon (ie. the Dark Moon phase).

What is a strongly placed moon? A moon in her home sign of Cancer or in Taurus, the sign of her exaltation.

The days leading up to the New Moon, but especially the day before the New Moon is a day of rest and reflection as our attention turns inward.

You will discover that your attention naturally gravitates towards the affairs of the house in which the New Moon lunation falls.

For example: If a New Moon occurs in Aries and Aries is your Second House then Second House themes like money, income and issues around self-worth are going to hold your attention.

When a New Moon conjuncts a planet in our natal chart, we BECOME that planetary energy. This happens only with the conjunction because this aspect awakens and energizes. It is seed energy.

We can change the way we approach New Moons (and Full Moons) by becoming aware of our natal placements and choosing instead to approach these upcoming lunations in a conscious and proactive manner instead of reacting to potential disturbances.

For example: Uranus, the planet of surprises, can and almost always brings shocks and unexpected news and events. If you know an upcoming New Moon is going to conjunct your natal Uranus, you can prepare by asking yourself: Have I let the ball drop in any of my affairs highlighted by the house in which this lunation will occur? (The 4th House rules property for example. Check if you have your “house in order” at least a week before the lunation. Ask yourself: What needs fixing around the house?).

Aside: Please know there is a lot more to each house, including the psychological and spiritual components that I am not going to go into here.

Tips on how to harness New Moon energy

  • A New Moon conjunct a natal planet or angle (allow for a 3º orb) asks you to set an intention related to that planet or angle. Some examples:

New Moon conjunct Mercury asks you to set an intention around communication, writing, transport/short journeys. New Moon conjunct Sun asks you to change your identity (marriage or a new name are just two possibilities) children and creativity. New Moon conjunct Venus asks you to set intentions around beauty, love and friendship. New Moon conjunct your Ascendant asks you to set an intention around your appearance. New Moon on your Midheaven asks you to set an intention around career and reputation.

  • If the New Moon does not activate a natal planet, it will activate the themes of the house in which it falls in your natal chart. Let's say the New Moon occurs in Aries. If Aries is your 8th House, then a new beginning can be expected with regards to other people’s money (bank loan for example), inheritances, taxes, your partner’s finances.



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