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Jupiter Direct in Capricorn

Benevolent Jupiter turned around over the weekend (Sept 12th) in earthy Capricorn and the very first aspect Jupiter made in his forward motion was to dreamy Neptune in Pisces. This signals the start of a creative season that must be centered around hard work as Capricorn is a sign of diligence and effort.

Because Jupiter is in his fall in Capricorn, he finds it challenging to express the qualities that define him most like expansiveness and cheery optimism in the sign ruled by Saturn, planet of limitations. With Jupiter in Capricorn we have to know what we want and then be prepared to work hard for it.

While Jupiter was retrograde (May 13th - September 13th) we may have found ourselves blocked or unable to continue with or “expand” on a project or pursue a goal. The reasons for this could have very well been financial but you may have discovered during Jupiter’s retrograde period that in order to fulfill your ambitions you require further training or you need to continue your apprenticeship to your craft. Jupiter governs higher education as well as beliefs systems, so from a psychological perspective you may have undergone a transformation of sorts. Hopefully you were able to let go of limiting beliefs during that time.

Now that Jupiter has turned around and is moving forward, we are free to start things but be aware that seeds planted while Jupiter is in Capricorn will take a while to bear fruit (one year, maybe two). The promise? Commitment to your vision and growth as well as dedication to your craft will in time, yield a bountiful harvest.




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