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Jupiter in Aquarius and The Great Conjunction

When Hebe, the goddess of youth and Zeus’ official cup-bearer, agreed to marry the hero Hercules, the position of cup-bearer to the Gods became vacant. Looking down from his throne on Mount Olympus, Zeus’ lustful gaze fell on Ganymede, the beautiful but mortal prince of Dardania. Zeus decided there and then that he wanted Ganymede and so transformed himself into an eagle and abducted the youth.

Ganymede by Gabriel Ferrrier, 1874

However, Ganymede soon tired of being at Zeus’s beck and call and decided to pour out all of the ambrosia of the Gods and the story goes that this water fell to Earth and resulted in the Great Flood.

At first Zeus wanted to punish Ganymede, but upon reflection Zeus realized that he had been unkind to the boy, so he made him immortal and Ganymede is to this day associated with the constellation Aquarius.

As with all myths there are many layers to this story.

Ganymede is a symbol for youth, sexual freedom and servitude.

Jupiter’s transit through Aquarius from now until May and then again from end of July to December 2021, is going to call our attention to the following themes: youth (juvenescence - healthy aging, youthful self-expression, childlike faith), sexual rights and freedom (gender fluidity, reproductive rights) and servitude (how to be of service to others but also how to serve our planet and the Unseen).

Because Saturn entered first and is the ruler of Aquarius, we know that Jupiter’s transit will be following Saturn’s lead. A further indication is tomorrow’s Great Conjunction (21 December). These two social planets are in cahoots. Together they are ushering in a New Age. Jupiter will assist Saturn as Saturn continues to reshape and reform society. Jupiter is the force behind necessary changes to the law, education systems and religious/spiritual organizations.

If lessons are learned and rules followed Jupiter promises a sweet Summer respite from COVID-19 and it's mutations (Jupiter will be in Pisces from May to end July).

The Great Conjunction

There has already been a lot written about tomorrow’s Great Conjunction also known as the Great Mutation by many brilliant astrologers, so I’ll keep this short...

This conjunction is momentous not because these two giants don’t conjoin (they do every 20 years) but because it marks a shift from the element of Earth to Air. So we’re moving away from the gross exploitation of our Mother’s resources and Black and Indigenous people for example and making amends and turning our focus to communication, renewable energy, space travel, human and animal rights.

Aquarius is a paradoxical and complex sign because it is ruled by the planet of change, Uranus and the planet of order and tradition, Saturn. There is the potential increase of fanaticism and religious cults. The way we use the internet is also going to change. I foresee over the next decade, conflict in countries where individual freedom is prohibited as more populations rise up and fight for their rights. But the major issue or emergency is the climate crisis as I mentioned in my Saturn in Aquarius post.

The Great Conjunction already happening as you’re reading this, will be exact tomorrow morning at 9:21am (MT), 11:21 (ET) and 10:21am (PT) and it will take place as the Sun enters Capricorn. This is a Saturn-flavoured conjunction. While I so want to say the day will sparkle with lighthearted magic, in all likelihood we are all going to instead be reminded of our responsibilities. To ourselves, to others and to our planet.

This is a conjunction of Awakening. Awakening to ourselves and our true nature and to the state of the world. What needs to change? Why must it change and how can you be part of this change?

I want to close with a blessing...

May you be a doorway instead of a door. May deliciousness and healing flow from and to you. Let nothing block your light or impede your growth and may all who know you feel blessed by your presence.