• Yolanda McAdam

Jupiter in Aquarius and The Great Conjunction

When Hebe, the goddess of youth and Zeus’ official cup-bearer, agreed to marry the hero Hercules, the position of cup-bearer to the Gods became vacant. Looking down from his throne on Mount Olympus, Zeus’ lustful gaze fell on Ganymede, the beautiful but mortal prince of Dardania. Zeus decided there and then that he wanted Ganymede and so transformed himself into an eagle and abducted the youth.

Ganymede by Gabriel Ferrrier, 1874

However, Ganymede soon tired of being at Zeus’s beck and call and decided to pour out all of the ambrosia of the Gods and the story goes that this water fell to Earth and resulted in the Great Flood.

At first Zeus wanted to punish Ganymede, but upon refl