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Jupiter in Aries

Jupiter is now in Aries (10 May).

To understand Jupiter in Aries, look at where Jupiter has come from. In Pisces, the sign of primordial oceans, Jupiter was the principle of giving. Giving, in the sense of filling up holes and stitching wounds and filling up spaces between words. We’re all coming from this watery place of deep feelings. Love, compassion, grief. But also feelings of helplessness. Like we were entirely at the mercy of the Gods.

Jupiter in Aries is a different dynamic. We have moved away from swimming in the communal pool to parting the sea. I'm thinking of Moses. Jupiter in Aries helps us align action with belief. If you believe in yourself and your abilities Jupiter will help you achieve whatever you set your mind to.

Jupiter in Aries is in Mars-ruled territory. If you read my post on Venus in Aries, you’ll know that I believe planets in Aries show up as warriors. There’s armor and weapons and a lot of flag waving. And, I’m not talking about white flags. I’m talking about battle flags. And the reason for this is Jupiter here fuels our convictions and defends our sense of purpose. It’s very much a I- believe - what - I - believe- and - I’ll - die - on - that - hill transit.

Aries isn’t known for being patient and with Venus also currently in Aries, you’re probably not feeling especially tolerant or receptive towards people with different points of view. Opposition feels like a declaration of war.

There’s an opportunity here to lead. Moses-like. To become an inspiration to others and to be celebrated for the strength of your convictions. Conversely there’s also the very real possibility that you could antagonize others or invite fierce criticism. Don't let that deter you. Haters gonna hate.

Except for a short period when Jupiter is retrograde later this year (Nov/Dec), Jupiter will be in Aries until May 2023. Jupiter encourages you to act on your beliefs and hopes associated with the house occupied by Aries in your birth chart. For example if Aries is your 3rd House, your ability to communicate your ideas and get along with neighbors and siblings will receive a welcome boost.

If Jupiter in Pisces was about giving, in Aries, Jupiter teaches us that receiving is a superpower. Women in particular have a hard time with receiving. We’re conditioned to give of ourselves until we’re depleted.

This tendency of course, doesn’t serve or support anybody. We all need a strong sense of self in order to give and receive.

Receiving is the act of taking in. And, there’s an art to receiving. It starts with recognizing a replenishing, awakening or grounding feeling or energy and then opening up to that feeling or energy. Many of us are so guarded and closed off that we struggle to take in even the most basic of things - like oxygen. Nature is a great teacher (always). Consider how trees take in oxygen and nutrients from the soil and how they synthesize sunlight. Follow Sylvia Plath’s advice and inflate your lungs with the “onrush of scenery: air, mountains, trees, people.”

Try This:

If Aries is your ...

1st House: Be open to hugs. Take in a compliment or three. Love the person in the mirror.

2nd House: Be open to more money. More income-generating opportunities. Because you deserve it. Because you're good at what you do.

3rd House: Be open to a new way of seeing things. Say yes! to that community meet-up or potluck.

4th House: Birdsong. Pancakes. Tea with your mother. Simple pleasures. Take it all in.

5th House: Let the compliments sink in. Let your children spoil you. Welcome the Muse into your life.

6th House: Allow for gaps in your schedule. Be open to new ways of movement and exercise.

7th House: Make room for vulnerability.

8th House: Not every gift comes with a string attached. Be open to someone else's truth.

9th House: Be open to new experiences. Open your arms to Divine assistance.

10th House: Accept the accolades. Welcome the recognition.

11th House: Be open to making new friends. Be open to a wish fulfilled.

12th House: Be open to the small voice within. Pay attention to dreams.