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Jupiter In Capricorn

Updated: Dec 3, 2019

On Monday, December 2nd, Jupiter trekked out of adventure-seeking Sagittarius and into efficient and practical Capricorn. While Jupiter hiked and camped in Sagittarius (November 8, 2018, to December 2, 2019) you undoubtedly found yourself exploring new terrain. You may have immersed yourself in a new philosophy or faith. You may have dabbled. You may have gone back to school or learned a new skill. You may have spent time living abroad.

What matters is this: you have grown.

You are more aware than ever that there is more not only to life but also to you. You are multi-layered and endlessly fascinating. You have shed old skin. You have become a passionate advocate for our world. For good. For the wellbeing of others.

This is thanks not only to Jupiter's expansive and generous influence but also thanks to Pluto's (transformation) and Saturn's (wisdom, learning) slow transits through Capricorn.

You are stronger and wiser now as Jupiter settles into a year-long stay in ambitious and disciplined Capricorn. In Capricorn, Jupiter is asking you to apply yourself.

2020 is not the year for dreaming or self-doubt

The universal call is this: LIVE. Do the work you are called to do. Regardless.

Regardless of the voices. Internal and external.

Regardless of your age, sex or the colour of your skin.

Regardless of the fear. Real or imagined.

Regardless of whether you believe you know yourself or not.

Take your learnings, ideas, and experiences and make something real, something tangible. Get the ideas out of your head and onto paper. Submit the applications, the patents, the business plans. Go to the interviews. Make the presentations. Do the work.

In Capricorn, Jupiter says: You are ready.




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