• Yolanda McAdam

Jupiter in Pisces

Hope when hope is needed.

Jupiter moved into Pisces, the sign of his rulership, yesterday May 13th. In Pisces, Jupiter is not quite as loud and enthusiastic as he is in Sagittarius, the other sign under his rulership.

In Pisces, Jupiter is a quiet miracle-worker. Away from Saturn-ruled Aquarius, and in Venus’s term, Jupiter brings hope, renewal and enlightenment. This means that during his short transit through Pisces (Jupiter will retrograde back into Aquarius July 28) we will feel lighter and more hopeful about the future. This coincides with the lifting of COVID restrictions in many countries. In Pisces, Jupiter helps us recognize the necessity for self-help and the helping of others for the greater good. This is a transit that encourages tenderness, forgiveness and tolerance.

How can you be more like a streetlight along the road that does not make the journey shorter but lights up the path and makes the journey worthwhile?