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Leo Season

Welcome Leo Season (22 July - 21 August)!

Leo is the sign associated with children, creativity, fun and romance. If you work with tarot cards, you may want to meditate on The Sun (Rider-Waite) card or it’s equivalent in your chosen deck. The Sun card is a wonderful representation of the Sun in Leo. Leo, a fixed fire sign, is concerned with sustaining a powerful sense of self. It is the sign of exuberant self-expression and mastery. It reveals, according to the house occupied by Leo in your birth chart, where you shine or lose out because of low self worth.

Planets in Leo want to take center stage. If you believe in yourself and are confident in your abilities then those planets reveal the areas in which you shine. If you have low self-worth, those planets can drag you down and make you feel inferior in areas relating to those planets.

We can learn a lot about Leo from children. A child, before the age of 6-7 has an untrained and untainted way of looking at the world. A child seeks enchantment and pleasure. Leo is not interested in order, mechanics or functionality (that is Virgo) Leo thrives on pleasure.

So what are we called to do this season?

This is the season for fun and play. What is your definition of fun? What brings you pleasure? What activities take you back to your childhood or help you connect with your inner child?


What idea has been allowed to germinate and grow? How can you support your artistic gifts? Do you need more training or resources? Perhaps you need to rest and recharge before starting on a new creative project.


What can you learn from your children or grandchildren? What needs to shift for you to live a more enchanted life?

Claim the spotlight!

What are you admired for? What inner work still needs to be done for you to feel ready to be noticed and appreciated for what you do?


What can you do to keep the romance alive? Has the time come to walk away from an unhealthy relationship? Has someone new caught your attention?




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