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Leo Season (July 23 - August 22)

Ruled by life-giving Sol, Leo wants to shine and those who don’t get to shine or feel they’ve been hindered somehow from fully expressing or being themselves are very unhappy Queens and Kings.

Our youngest son, a Leo, is a late bloomer. He skipped past the preliminary “mama” and “dada” and uttered his first word “hamburger” at around two years old and he’s first sentence, as the self-elected monarch of our home, was an admonishment: “I get no respek”.

While his repertoire of words has (happily) expanded, he has remained consistent during his rulership. He prefers using short and polished sentences and they’re almost always about how to get his most urgent needs met. Like hugs, he needs a lot of them.

Leo needs love, praise,respect and a stage. They have to believe their loved ones revolve around them, like the planets revolve around the Sun. This is not because they’re arrogant, although they can be. Like Sol burns hot and gives life, Leo generates heat and fuels creativity. Whatever planet resides in Leo in your birth chart is literally “on fire”. So if you have Mars in Leo, like Beyonce for example, you’re extremely driven to succeed at whatever you choose to do and be seen as “the best”. It’s no surprise that Beyonce is to her legions of fans (me included) Queen Bey.

Any planet or planets in this sign, give themselves over fully to the life-giving, regenerative and magnanimous qualities of Sol. For example: Mercury in Leo makes you a charismatic storyteller, Venus in Leo makes you romantic but also a diva!

Leo is associated with the 5th House of creativity, self-expression, joy, fun, romantic relationships (lovers) and children. A fixed sign, Leo is the more dependable of the fire signs. They are wonderful and steady friends, committed partners, loyal employees and generous employers.

Leo season is about power and grandeur. It’s about calling your interior queen and king out of exile and reclaiming your power. Leo rules the heart so from now until August 22nd, spend some time thinking about your heart’s truest desires.

Journal Questions:

  • What activities make you feel like you are connected to the fire in your heart?

  • What parts of yourself have been exiled for fear of judgement?

  • You are the ruler of your interior kingdom. What changes have to be made?

Some ideas for drawing out your interior king or queen:

  • Hold a feast. Make or order in some of your favourite meals and invite family or friends over.

  • Get crafty with glitter and sparkly things!

  • If you own one, wear a tiara or braid flowers into your hair.

Now over to you,

Are you a Leo? How are you choosing to shine? If you're not a Leo what changes are you going to make this season?




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