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Lunar Eclipse In Cancer (January 10)

Updated: Jan 23, 2020

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse In Cancer

Eclipses are potent harbingers of change both on a macro (global) and micro-level (personal). This means that we will notice or have already started noticing a shift in consciousness and because of the powerful Saturn Pluto conjunction, a shift in attitude towards authority, Big Corporate and institutions (including banks) where the abuse of power has gone unquestioned or uncontested for decades or centuries. This will be a year of reparation and atonement for many.

The world is undergoing a transformation.

On a personal level, tomorrow's Full Moon Lunar Eclipse (12:21pm MST | 7:21PM GMT) brings illumination, endings and for some, gains and rewards. Because this Lunar Eclipse ties in with last year's lunar eclipse in July (July 16, 2019), take a minute to think back to what was seeded (initiated) or what transpired that month and reflect on what has come "full circle" since then.

For many, this Lunar Eclipse will bring things to light (illuminate). In the family-oriented and nurturing sign of Cancer, this Lunar Eclipse highlights issues around dependency and nurturing (self and others). If you have not been taking proper care of yourself you will know it (aches, unexplained pains, exhaustion etc). Be extra attentive to your needs and the needs of those who are dependent on you at this time.


  • Are your needs being met?

  • How do you take care of others that are dependent on you? What feelings arise when you think about this question? (For example: Do you place a high value on your independence and ambition? Do you have a low tolerance of others' dependency on you?)

  • Do you make self-care a priority?

  • How do you self-nurture?

If you can, try your best not to push yourself too hard now and for the next four days. (Eclipse energy is strongest four days before and four days after the event). This means no overtime work and no strenuous workouts. This is also an emotionally turbulent eclipse. Don't worry if you've been feeling sad, overly sensitive or cranky this week. Cancerians, Cancer Rising and Cancer Moon individuals are swimming in this eclipse energy.

How to navigate these choppy eclipse waters:

God or (my preferred term) the Divine is always communicating with you. Hopefully, your channel is open and you are in a dialogue, but if you've been "closed off" or oblivious now is as good a time as any, to pray or to ask for guidance. The Divine prefers to communicate with signs. Pay attention to your dreams but also to what people are saying to you. God likes using people to get messages across. Some of the people who seem to be speaking directly to you and your situation do not have to know you personally. Also, pay close attention to any "themes" on repeat. If for example, people keep telling you that you "look angry all the time" maybe it's time to address your emotional issues.

If you want to know exactly which area of your life is being impacted by this eclipse, you will need to have your birth chart read. For this month only, I am offering 30% off all natal (birth chart) readings. Visit my services page here to book a reading.

For those of you interested in doing a releasing ritual tomorrow here is the list of houses impacted by the Lunar Eclipse tomorrow. Please read your SUN sign and RISING (Ascendant) sign. Do NOT make wishes or set intentions at this time for new beginnings, growth or abundance. This eclipse is good for long salt baths, cleaning and organizing cupboards and other reparation activities like paying off debts.


4th House: Emotional roots, parents and family, real estate

Full moon idea: Forgive your parents or primary caregiver. Clean out your attic. Sort through old family albums.


3rd House: communication, siblings, neighbors, learning

Full moon idea: Forgive your sibling. Make amends. Organize your bookshelf.


2nd House: Finances, values, self-worth

Full moon idea: Organize your finances. Settle debts. Work on your self-worth. You are enough.


Ist House: Self-identity, personal appearance, your approach to life

Full moon idea: Get clear on who you are. Donate clothes. Get a haircut.


12th House: Spiritual practice, service, hidden enemies

Full moon idea: Donate or tithe. Leave an offering at an altar or in the forest.


11th House: Friends, associates, support from groups

Full moon idea: Cut ties that bind you to unsupportive friends or groups that you have outgrown. Hit that "unfollow" button.


10th House: Career, reputation, your calling

Full moon idea: What do you want to do with your precious life? Forgive yourself for past mistakes. Move on.


9th House: Education, beliefs, journeys (travel)

Full moon idea: Where do you want to go next? What old beliefs no longer serve you?


8th House: Joint resources, investments, inheritances, taxes, intimacy, open enemies

Full moon idea: Pay off debts. Sort out your taxes. Forgive your enemies.


7th House: Marriage, lovers, business partners

Full moon idea: Forgive ex-lovers. What qualities are you looking for in a marriage and/or business partner? What qualities would that person find attractive in you?


6th House: Daily routines (important changes to habits), work, health, pets

Full moon idea: What bad habit must end? Improve your work area. Get organized.


5th House: Creativity, children, recreation, self-expression

Full moon idea: Organize your children's rooms/play area. What activity from your past allowed you to express yourself and brought you joy?




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